WATCH: Stefflon Don goes cocktail making with HUNGER and Chivas Regal

The Birmingham-born star shows us how to craft her new summer-ready cocktail, ‘The Don.’

HUNGER 28 cover star Stefflon Don has partnered with Scottish whiskey brand to create her very own cocktail – aptly titled ‘The Don’ – just in time for the beginning of summer. Featuring ingredients such as pineapples, berries and lime (favourites when it comes to Don’s personal concoctions) the refreshing cocktail is sure to crank up the summertime vibes all the way to 100. “I think it might be the best drink I’ve ever had, I’m not being biassed because it’s my drink but it really is, I’m just saying,” says Don as she puts her cocktail making skills to the test, alongside HUNGER’s Jamilah. Why not give ‘The Don’ a try for yourself after watching the full video below?

Ice: Cubed
Glassware: Highball, Punch Glass
50ml Chivas 12
50ml Pineapple Juice
50ml Orange Juice
12.5ml Raspberry Syrup
12.4ml Lime Juice
2 Dash Angostura Bitters
Garnish: Lime Wedge, Mint Sprig


  1. Add all liquid ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake hard
  2. Strain into a punch glass filled with ice
  3. Garnish with pineapple, lime and mint sprig
  4. Enjoy
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