The platform giving everyday heroes a voice

Ordinary Heroes is the project shining a light on people who change our everyday life.

“We’re a platform for the voices of ordinary heroes…to be heard”, the mission explains, “They often go unheard or face opposition from the public or powerful opponents. We’re building a team to stand by them: to use our voices to support and amplify their message. If we stand by ordinary heroes, the world will have to listen, and we will change unjust systems and mindsets.”

Heroes like Elin Ersson, a Swedish student, who stopped a deportation when she refused to sit down on a plane and livestreamed her protest, in the hope of saving a man’s life. An ordinary hero like Elin can change existences forever with their bravery and compassion, and can often be punished for it – alike to the peaceful protest of the Stanstead 15 who are now under unfair trail for breaching terror laws. The project defines a hero as someone who will stand up for someone, no matter where they are in the world, someone who will speak up to defend justice everywhere, and make you want to do more good. The platform Ordinary Heroes aims to support and praise these people, to ensure more good is done in the world and more people are helped.

Find out more about the project and see how you can help with it online here, watch the film about Elin Ersson’s work below now.

wordsKitty Robson