The Edit: Our guide to the best summer fragrance drops

From the smell of freshly cut grass to the dusky amber notes of late summer, there’s no shortage of scents to choose from this SS23. Here, HUNGER rounds up the best of the bunch.

Large Water Candle | £55 at homework

Candles aren’t just for winter nights, as is proven by homework’s Water Candle, which is taking us through to the long, balmy summer evenings. If you can’t already hear the sounds of crashing waves on the shore, then the scent of this 60 hour crackling wick is sure to transport you waterside. By harnessing the power of the elements, the Water candle gives you the chance to float for a moment, to walk along the beach, or perhaps smell that first summer rain after weeks of blistering sun. Its profile consists of citrus, water, wood, and spice rise, with top notes of bergamot, neroli, and petitgrain, followed by rain, lotus, and caraway.

Eau Triple Iraqi Beetroot and Egyptian Rhubarb | £137.83 at Officine Universelle Buly

Humble garden produce is celebrated in all its glory with Officine Universelle Buly’s new Eau Triple Iraqi Beetroot and Egyptian Rhubarb. The fragrance is transporting us to the Middle East with notes of grass grown sweetness like zesty beetroot and wild rhubarb, as well as patchouli and earthy musk. One standout feature is that this is a water-based fragrance, and as such, seeps into the skin and acts like a cloud of aroma that follows you, making it perfect for those who avoid overbearing scents.

Bohemian Infusion | £250 at Thameen London

Thameen London’s second fragrance from The Britologne Collection leaves a trail of its scent everywhere you go. Under the artistic residency of Christopher Chong, Bohemian Infusion sits in the Piazza of Covent Garden in the early 20th century. As we enter our own iteration of the roaring 20s, modern day dandies and flâneurs will undoubtedly be perfuming themselves with notes of grapefruits, petitgrain, blackcurrant, and cardamom, á la Bohemian Infusion.

Bookworm 3-Wick Scented Candle | £225 at Paul Smith

Nestled in a reusable orange casing, Paul Smith’s hand-poured Bookworm will carry you through to the autumn months. Soak up the last of the summer evenings with a good book, and perch whatever beverage you are imbibing on the lid, which doubles as a coaster. After a few minutes, your senses will be suffused with notes of paper and parchment, as well as grapefruit, amber, pimento and cedarwood — it’s nice to enjoy life at a slower pace from time to time.

Rose Bergamot | £145 at Experimental Perfume Club

Experimental Perfume Club’s Rose Bergamot scent is created on demand, by especially blending the Essentials Bergamot Incense with their Rose Rhubarb. The result is decidedly fresh and floral, with undertones of frankincense and iris. It’s the perfect summer scent, but if you’re looking for something a bit more *you*, then Experimental Perfume Club also offers the chance to create your own custom scent blend with the help of their in-house experts. You start by getting familiar with their established aromas, and then begin layering as you discover your own palette — finish off by giving your perfume a name, and you’ve got a scent no one else can purchase.

Bitter End Parfum | £120 at Roads

Having been founded in Dublin, Roads draws inspiration from its hometown culture and landscapes. For Bitter End, they stripped back to their West Ireland roots for an olfactory frolic through fields and greenery, so expect plenty of plant-powered notes! The top consists of apple, bergamot, galbanum, neroli, and black pepper, the middle of cyclamen, jasmin, lily of the valley, rose, tuberose, violet, and yland, and it ends with the ‘bitter’ base of cedarwood, dry amber, moss, musk, orris, and patchouli.

Le Bois Glacé | £175 at Moncler

Moncler’s Le Bois Glacé is the ideal perfume for men who don’t want to skimp on woody, smoky-musk elements, but also want to introduce some levity for the warmer months. With additions of delicate bergamot and pink pepper, Le Bois Glacé uplifts its smoky inflections, and harks to summer forests. The base notes are pink pepper and bergamot, which is topped with vetiver, and the scent is held in an apothecary-esque bottle crafted from brown glass, and stays true to theme with the outer packaging mimicking embossed wood.

Ghost Flower Candle in Black | £295 at Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has ventured into home scents, and is reimagining perfumery by juxtaposing dark and light — an ethos central to the brand’s DNA. Our pick, Ghost Flower, blends fresh freesia and floral peony with woody and earthy patchouli to make for an inviting abode. And it’s a showstopper too; the candle has been poured into an egg that is encased in black lacquered glass with a silver metal lid — conversation starter material for sure.