The Chic du Soleil has arrived — Julia Fox pioneers clowncore

Matte white skin, thin brows, and green shadow: it’s time to hop on the Fox fun train with this new beauty trend.

It appears that a new Julia Fox make-up look is trendsetting the tone for summer ‘23. But this is no bronzed Barbie feat as you may expect for the sunnier months, as Fox is going full glampire gothic with pops of dazzling colour: clowncore is here. 

We have followed the highs and lows of Fox’s experimentative beauty to an almost religious extent, with heavy liner across the whole lid to messy, playful colours across the lips. Last year, she revealed her fashion and beauty efforts were so controversial because she was intentionally embracing an imperfect look. “There’s more to life than chasing an impossible beauty standard projected onto me by insecure celebrities for the ultimate goal of pleasing men,” she said in her Instagram stories.

The Uncut Gems star won a hoard of fans worldwide with her approach to beauty, and this time is no different – though it feels a tad bit more radical. Last week, Fox attended the ‘Women of Impact Celebration’ by Elle magazine wearing a cream silk Wiederhoft skirt and high-neck corseted jacket. And as chic as the ‘fit was, it was her make-up that had us thinking ahead for the future months.

Done by herself (of course), Fox sported a completely sheet-white powdered face with thin ebony brows and a grey-hued contour. Her cheeks were flushed to her temples in a soft pink blush and her lips were lined in the same colour as her eyeliner, filled in with a hot pink lippie. The star of the show had to be her take on eyeshadow, that surpassed the actual eyelid and was placed directly below the brow. Browshadow, anyone?

At first glance, it could seem as though Fox was heading into goth girl territory, but this was no sultry stare and thin-browed venture, this was full-blow Chic du Soleil. It was as though Pennywise had been adopted as the lovechild of Gabriette and Björk or Bozo had raided Sephora. The following day, Fox stuck to her jester ways when she made her way to the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The clownery of American politics was no match for Fox, as she turned up to the event fully powder-white with a strong graphic liner and glossy mauve lip stain. Twitter users are loving the dramatic irony of her unserious approach to the event: “Julia Fox wearing this to the white house correspondents dinner when the met gala is in two days is kind of genius. Like what if Monday she wears a Kamala Harris pantsuit with sneakers.”

It was a Leigh Bowery-inspired festival for the ages – and she was the only attendee. But somehow that makes it all the more iconic. Clean Girl has met its match and it’s high time we all took a few notes from Fox who evidently has a whole lot of beauty tricks up her sleeve (or perhaps it was just an infinite amount of handkerchiefs?)

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image CreditInstagram @juliafox