Style lessons to learn from LGBTQ+ cult cinema

LGBTQ+ representation in cinema has got a long way to go, but times they are a’changing.

From the raw sensuality of last year’s Oscar-winning Call Me By Your Name to the heartwrenching drama of BPM it’s been a booming and blooming year for representative films. Over the visual decades there have been daring coming-out tales, empowered sexual exploitations, intoxicating romances and all the more in between. Looking back at sexuality on the silver screen, there’s also been some seriously iconic looks…

sixties seduction in ‘a single man’

Take it back to the days of slick hair and even slicker attitudes. So do like A Single Man’s Kenny and keep it smooth: think soft colours, sharp tailoring and on-point accessories.

find your signature and stick to it à la emma in ‘blue is the warmest colour’

It’s always good to have a signature, be it a drink or a phrase or a look. So pick a colour and make it your own.

Open roads and open minds

It’s all about textures: rugged leather, coiffed hair, grey marl. Keepin’ it interesting to suit from town to town.

Match lipsticks to sneak a secret kiss

Carol is the epitome of chic, and you can be too: start with a bold lip, and pass the colour over to your loved one. Seal with a secret kiss.

Cowboy charisma is a look for everyone

No matter who you are, it’s rare that your life and look won’t be improved with the help of a little country accessorising…

Kitty Robson
main image
courtesy of Amazon