Sign up now: This Ayrtn, JD and Dr. Martens’ free gig is a showcase of the UK’s next gen talent

The trio are coming together to host an event that will feature performances from the likes of Raaandy, BXKS and GEE LEE.

The UK underground scene is having a real moment. New boundary-pushing talents are seemingly coming out of the woodwork at every opportunity, and with an audience growing increasingly exhausted by the mainstream (seriously, we don’t know how much more cheesy pop we can take), they’re providing a much-needed breath of fresh musical air. One of those artists leading the charge is London-based rapper and producer Ayrtn, who is teaming up with sports fashion retailer JD and Dr. Martens to help shine a light on music’s next generation and provide the perfect space for London’s creatives.

Arriving in celebration of the Dr. Martens Casual Collection, the event will take place at Dijonss, London on September 27th, featuring a line-up of the hottest up-and-coming talent, curated by Ayrtn himself. Taking to the stage will be Raaandy, GEE LEE and HUNGER cover star BXKS, who will all be providing the energy for a crowd looking to support the UK’s next wave.

Ayrtn will also provide commentary and interact with the crowd throughout the show’s duration, making for a communal experience not just bound to music. One of the most important aspects of the UK’s bubbling underground scene is its sense of togetherness, something very important to Ayrtn himself, and so the artist will be looking to curate the ultimate hub for rising talent.

So, if you’re a Londoner looking to see what the exciting future of UK music holds, then round up your mates, sign up for free via the RSVP link here, and head down to Dijonss on September 27th.

WriterChris Saunders