Resources to help civilians in Gaza as death toll continues to rise

Now in its 18th day, the devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza is deepening, with Israel cutting off access to food, water, fuel and electricity

As the brutal war between Hamas and Israel rages on, the death toll tragically continues to rise with fatalities in Gaza reaching over 5000 according to reports from de facto authorities there, per the UN. This comes after United Nations entities have repeated urgent calls for a ceasefire and more aid convoys.

The conflict has been heavily documented in the media over the past couple of weeks, leaving many of us feeling helpless to the situation but there are multiple organisations you can support in order to help those in Gaza, no matter how far away you are.

Below, find a roundup of charities and organisations you can donate to today in aid of Gaza.

Doctors Without Borders

An organisation that collects funds to support hospitals and medical supplies. Palestinians are in dire need of medical supplies, especially after the Al-Ahli hospital was hit by a blast, which killed at least 500 people

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

One of the primary humanitarian organisations in Palestine, they are known for providing children with clean drinking water, food, and medical care. 

Save the Children

Save the Children has ushered in an emergency fund providing children with shelter, psychosocial support, education kits, and hygiene kits. 


Donations to UNICEF’s emergency fund are being used to provide purification tablets, food, and educational supplies.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

This is the largest UK-based organisation dedicated to securing Palestinian human rights, and striving to bring peace, equality and justice. The organisation is hosting the National March for Palestine from Marble Arch, Central London, on 21st October, demanding to stop the war on Gaza.

Alliance for Middle East Peace

This non-governmental organisation’s goal is to unite Palestine and Israel, and for them to live together with peace, dignity and security. They work tirelessly to gather donations for emergency funding for member organisations during times of crisis.

Middle East Children’s Alliance

A non-profit organisation attempting to provide medical supplies to the affected Gazan hospitals whilst also providing emergency assistance to families forced to flee from their homes.

WriterLucas Ind
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