Relive the joy of Notting Hill Carnival with The Shellers’ star-studded photo diary

The duo captured the public and the stars in all their glory at Europe’s largest street party.

It’s been a few days now since Notting Hill Carnival came to a close, so by now, you should’ve made a full recovery (hopefully) and are ready to relive it all again. Thankfully, cult duo The Shellers were in attendance and provided HUNGER with exclusive shots of Europe’s largest street party, capturing it in all of its glory.

Speaking on what the event means to them, The Shellers said: “Carnival creates a space of cultural empowerment and togetherness. It didn’t just make me proud of my heritage; it inspired me. It inspired me to create music that uplifts people.” 

Scroll below for the pair’s Carnival photo diary, with cameos from the likes of Idris Elba, Mimi The Music Blogger and Toddla T, the latter of which produced their latest single released today, ‘10 Minutes’. 

A Vicar and Four officers walking into a carnival
Hey Siri….Play The Shellers – ‘Work No More’
The Jus Jab float never misses!
Naomi Cowan after showing everyone how to spit on jungle cuts’
Toddla T and Naomi celebrating backstage at Rampage. WE RUN DA AREA!
The Shellers with Mike Anthony (Rampage Sound)
Idris, Toddla and The Shellers! Inspiring watching them run their set at Rampage
The Shellers with Maurice Dennemont (Rampage Sound)
From Kidulthood to Adulthood. The Shellers with the legend Bashy
MimiTheMusicBlogger approved of Rampage this year
What’s carnival without the people? Rampage are masters of crowd control!
Like it, slump it The Shellers dem don’t eat crumpets!
DJ Quinn started DJing outside her family home and what started as a two person rave turned into a street party. The power of music is a beautiful thing
Our good friend Solaarsis shellin it down at Volcano sound. This was a takeover by Trapstar and they didn’t disappoint
Nothing beats a carnival outfit with your country’s flag as a cape!
A Vicar and Four officers walking into a carnival