Rage against the sewing machine: Meet the designers of tomorrow

HUNGER invites you to meet some of the UK's most exciting emerging designers. 

In Issue 27 of HUNGER, we handpicked some of the most promising upcoming creatives and their standout designs. Whilst some are still studying and others debuting their graduate collection, we take a look at those on the trajectory to becoming the next McQueen, Westwood or Galliano. Taking inspiration from the likes of childhood memories, rave culture and even loom bands, the next generation of designers are honing their craft and raising the bar for the future of the industry.


“My work is a way for me to communicate themes that were present in my childhood, growing up in a northern village. It’s a love letter to a village-life ideal, hopefully sitting somewhere between traditional folk costume and customs and the contemporary customs that happen every day in the village.”

TALENT Feni Frances. CASTING Zoey Jacqueline at Agency 7. Feni wears jacket and skirt by SAM NOWELL, hat by BENNY ANDALLO, earrings, rings and socks Feni’s own and shoes by GEORGE COX.


“I’d like people to know about my work that there isn’t always a deep concept behind it. Sometimes when I make something I make it because it flatters the body and makes the wearer look and feel good. If someone feels empowered and good while wearing my clothes, that’s enough for me.”

TALENT Paritos Tamang. Paritos wears jacket by JOSHUA ROGERS and sunglasses by OAKLEY.


“A lot of my inspiration comes from growing up as a competitive swimmer. I used to chronically smell of chlorine during high school! I love looking at the lines within swimwear/sportswear and contorting them, as well as a little bit of surrealist art.”

HAIR STYLIST, MAKE–UP ARTIST AND TALENT Corran Green. Corran wears dress by ANNA DEWHIRST, earrings by stylist's own and goggles (as a necklace) by ARENA.


“My work takes inspiration from my Jamaican heritage and creates a futuristic utopia for my designs to live in. It takes the positive vibes and natural lifestyle and merges that with technology and architecture through shape and craftsmanship.”

TALENT Jameel Hussey at Present. Jameel wears jacket, vest, trousers and bag by STANLEY RAFFINGTON and boots by OUR LEGACY.


“I love working with found materials and making unique, authentic, simple pieces. Things that we cherish, keep and repair, giving hoarded materials a new purpose, a new story.”

MAKE-UP ARTIST Angel Cleo. TALENT Amy Drasutis. Amy wears dress, hat and gloves by ALICE MORELL-EVANS and earrings Amy’s own.


“My core inspiration comes from attempting to illustrate internal feelings. Trying to make sense of physically intangible emotions that relate to my lifelong fascination with nature, mythology and the macabre. My best work has come from processing existential crises.”

MAKE-UP ARTIST Bea Sloss. HAIR STYLIST Jessica William. TALENT Sophie Castillo. Sophie wears cloak, gown and bodice by MINXX and earring stylist’s own.


“Every piece is slightly unique. I change the patterns in the cut-outs of my breastplates and use unrepeatable techniques like hand dyeing and hand embroidery. I think seasons should be abolished – I see no reason for a new wardrobe every spring/summer or autumn/winter.”

MAKE-UP ARTIST Bea Sloss. TALENT Makeda Thompson at Contact. Makeda wears top by SSSILK666 and earrings by ASOS.


“I want to communicate with the audience to look at my work from where I stand. It is a play on high end and low end, eccentric and eclectic but not over the top. I am obsessed with cuts and tailoring, so that aspect is also very near and dear to me.”

MAKE-UP ARTIST Rachael Holding. TALENT Ava Coffen. Ava wears jacket, dress and jeggings by LAURA ANDRASCHKO and shoes stylist’s own.


“My work revolves around colour and textures translated into 3D knitted and woven wearable pieces. My designs are influenced by my personal style on steroids and the rave culture.”

MAKE-UP ARTIST Sakura Kanaoka. HAIR STYLIST AND TALENT Amphibian. Amphibian wears top, trousers and armguards by LYNN LA YAUNG, earrings and rings by THOMAS SABO and shoes Amphibian’s own.
PhotographerCal McIntyre
Art DirectorKat Beckwith
GroomerRachael Holding
Photography AssistantAlex Galloway
With thanks toKLStudios
CurationKat Beckwith, Ella Chadwick