Pray for Gen Z… TikTokers are claiming that three-hour showers are “better than sex”

TikTokers are sharing their experiences with the new craze taking over the app.

There’s a new craze amongst those crazy kids from Gen Z, and apparently, it’s “better than sex” – it’s called the ‘everything shower.’

Basically, you show a complete disregard for your water bill and stay in the shower for several hours, getting every little task regarding self-care, beautification, and hygiene possible done in the process.

That means shaving, washing hair, conditioning, applying hair masks, whatever you want. All in all, some have confessed to spending three hours in their shower, running away water as if the planet isn’t dying around us every day.

This practice started to come to public attention on TikTok (where else?), with more than 168.9 million people viewing the trend hashtag #EverythingShower.

One social media influencer even told her husband: “An everything shower with hot water and Taylor Swift is better than sex. Sorry.” Kourv Annon, the influencer behind that aforementioned bold claim, explained in a TikTok: “I wash my hair, shave my legs, shave my armpits, deep condition, exfoliate, do my skincare. I do everything in the shower.”

Obviously, this isn’t an everyday occurrence, but Annon said she tries to put the time aside once a month, though others are more frequent, even once a week, in the case of another influencer called Nicole. “[I] always start with a shampoo,” she said.

“Then we move on to the deep conditioner, the hair mask, and that stays in your hair for as long as it takes to get everything else done.”

Everyone seems to have their own everything shower take, but there is actually a correct order to do things, according to dermatologist Dr Lindsey Zubritsky, who posted her own instructional video. “There is a right and a wrong way to do [everything showers],” she said.

“If you’re waiting ‘til the end of your shower to rinse out your conditioner, that conditioner can sit on the skin, clog your pores and lead to back and chest acne.”

WriterChris Saunders
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