Pillow Talk: Buller and Rice co-founder Anita Rice’s night-time routine

We sit down with Anita Rice, the co-founder of London’s first sustainable salon chain, Buller and Rice, to discuss all things sleep and her night-time routine. The brand was founded by Rice and Stephen Buller, who combined their experience to create a salon that not only excelled in the realm of beauty but also provided a luxury green lifestyle space, resulting in a serene and guilt-free salon experience. Here, we kick our feet up, get cosy, and unwind with Anita…

Sum up what you do in five words? 

Hair Stylist, entrepreneur, salon/shop owner of Buller and Rice

Why did you start your business – what gap in the market did you spot?

Nobody was doing what I wanted to do. There was nowhere I could work that matched my values and felt like the kind of place I would go if I were the client – an independent salon with an aesthetic that was cool AF with a green ethos. So I made one, then another one, then another one, then another one…

What’s next for your brand? 

I’m working on creating a sustainability course with one of our hair care partners, Davines, aimed at other salon owners, working with them to pivot to a greener way of running a salon and talking through lifestyle changes alongside the importance of regenerative farming. With the launch of our lifestyle store, Life and Wine, we are constantly on the hunt for brands and products that pair well with our ethos and values and hosting events where they can showcase their offering and tell their story.

Being an entrepreneur can be tough! How does your workload reflect in your  unwinding/self care routine? 

I can’t say I master work-life balance yet, BUT I’m working on it. Next year is my year (I feel like I’ve said that for the past four years). Honestly, my most effective unwinding technique is usually a glass of wine. And I justify that by buying snazzy wine (you know, cool label waxed cork), usually a little bit more pricey. This stops me from drinking too much of it. Oh, and I’m a big fan of a bath. Wine, bath (epic bath salts+candle), Patsy Cline playlist. HEAVEN!

On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you love your sleep?


What time would you ideally like to go to bed, as opposed to what time you really end up in bed? 

I aim for 10:30pm, but on a good day, I might make it by 11pm, usually 11:30 ish. 

What’s your usual reason for going to bed late? Work… scrolling through Instagram?

I’m usually just fucking around, looking in the fridge, looking in the bathroom mirror, wondering where my chin went and where all these face lines came from.

What side of the bed do you sleep on? 

The window side. 

What kind of sleeping position do you normally find yourself in? Do you sleep on your back, or are you more of a foetal position kind of person? 

I often fall asleep like somebody in a coffin, flat on my back with my hands clasped across my middle. It’s a bit weird, or on my side facing the window, I like a pillow between the knees.

What is your bed setup? Silk/bamboo sheets or something more simple?

It’s ridiculous. We have a super king, and it’s massive! Hairdressers often suffer from back issues, and I was advised years ago to invest in a quality mattress, I am not sure why I thought a super king was necessary, but hey ho. My bed has dictated where I lived for years. There were so many rooms I couldn’t let due to the massive bed. I’m a linen gal, though, and the downside to having a giant bed is all the bedding is so expensive.

Light sleeper or heavy sleeper?

Light! And I live with a dog who thinks it’s really important to let us know when there is a fox in the garden, which is every bloody night.

Morning bird or night owl? 

Not sure I’m good at either. Definitely not morning, although I wish I was.

How do you unwind before bed? Can you walk me through your routine… 

Finish my wine. I would usually shower if I’ve been working to get rid of all the tiny hairs, wash my face with Haeckels’ milk cleanser, brush my teeth, and, yes, in the shower. Then get out, dry, use the Haeckels Eye Bright Cream, followed by the Herbar Gacial oil or Pelegrims Facial balm – that’s my newest addition and it’s fucking spectacular! Once a week, I will also use the Haeckels Bio-Restore Eye Masks.

Do you read before bed? If so, what can’t you get enough of at the moment?

I wish I were one of those people, but I’m not. The last book I read was It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover on holiday last month. To be fair, I polished it off in three days. Then I thought I should read the sequel. It’s been a month, and I’m on page 14.

What products/items are on your bedside table?

That book I just mentioned, Nurofen Plus, eye mask, about six scrunchies, a pint of water and Bourii Vata body oil.

What’s the weirdest thing next to your bed? 

Probably a Shoreditch Nails voucher I got from my team for my birthday back in March. It’s there so I remember to book in. I haven’t yet, but I have a year!

Do you sleep with your phone next to you?

I sure do, hoping I don’t wake up to somebody calling in sick.

What can’t you go to sleep without doing? 

Washing my face and having a glass of water next to me.

Do you always take off your makeup before sleeping?

YES!!!!! And have always done, even in the party years, except if I was “dating” someone new and thought I would look better in the morning in last night’s makeup over none at all. I will add that 99% of the 15 years I’ve worn red lipstick every day, it does not look good the day after (thank god those days are long gone), so yes, makeup off always.

Favourite way to remove your makeup? 

Neighbourhood Botanicals Face Off is my go to, then cleanse, and I use a linen face cloth. I’m not into face wipes.

How does your nighttime routine change when, say, you’ve been out late on Friday night? 

I work most Saturdays, so my Friday nights aren’t exactly wild, but if I’m ever out late, I would still remove my makeup, cleanse and moisturise.

Favourite products to use before bed? 

Face wise, it’s gotta be the Pelegrims Facial Balm. It’s honestly epic. I feel younger every time I put it on. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I always opt for more natural products. I’ve tried many, and I often react, but this is so nourishing without being too heavy. Bourii Body Oil is another new addition using Ayurvedic principles. The Vata blend aims to be grounding and also contains sea buckthorn, which is one on my favourite ingredients for skincare.

Can you walk me through your nighttime skincare routine? 

I usually remove my makeup with a cloth and neighbourhood botanicals face off, then cleanse with Haeckes Spiraglow Milk Cleanser twice a week. I add a sprinkle of their salicylic exfoliating powder, then oil up with Herbar Face Oil and finish with Pelegrims Facial Balm.

What do you do if you can’t sleep?

Lie there thinking about sleeping.

WriterChris Saunders
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