Meet the photographer taking a stand against climate change

"I want to create a series of images that make people think and react."

David started his photography career by taking photos on nights out at university. “I was into Physics and Mathematics, however life changes due to circumstances. Two years later I changed the degree course to Photography. Learning about the history of photography as well as fashion photography was exciting and enlightening, but most of all the course changed the way I create images.”

Inspired by daily life, David often focuses on photographing people with a slight edge of unconventional beauty. His work often involves a conceptual element with a touch of playfulness. “I am into soft colour, many of my studio works have a kind of rainbow gradient light which is done naturally under studio lights,” David tells HUNGER.

One of his projects, Anthropocene, explores different ways to increase awareness of the negative impact on nature and environment caused by human activity on earth. “The theme is focused on the sixth extinction also known as Anthropocene, which is the first mass extinction where the human activity has the dominant influence on climate and the environment. I want to create a series of images that make people think and react. Something relevant today,” David continues.

Discover more of David’s photography below and follow him on Instagram here.

words Alice Ierace
all images David PD Hyde