Lana Del Rey did what we all want to do to our ex

The ‘petty move’ is simply iconic, and fans can’t get enough of the singer’s new album promotion technique.

Fans are already excited for the release of Lana Del rey’s upcoming album Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard, and to promote the highly anticipated music, Del Rey has taken a new approach to shouting out her ex for the album.

Most singers may target the bigger cities in America to advertise their new albums, you know, Los Angeles or New York, but for Lana Del Rey, she decided Tulsa in Oklahoma was the best way to go, considering that’s where her ex lives. People are saying it is the “level of petty I aspire to reach one day” in their tweets, and others saying “I didn’t think I could love Lana Del Ray anymore.”

The singer shared an Instagram selfie of her parked up in Tulsa outside the one and only billboard for her new album, captioning it “There’s only one and it’s in Tulsa”. She then commented under the post saying “It’s. Personal.”

The ex in question is Tulsa-based cop Sean Larkin, whose drive to work is going to be interesting to say the least. He previously appeared on the show “Live PD” and a podcast he co-hosted called “Coptales and Cocktails.” The singer didn’t blatantly name her ex-boyfriend, but she didn’t have to, The Lana Cult (self-assigned fan name) already knew exactly what she meant. 

Larkin had previously spoken to the New York Times in an interview, opening up about their very “normal” relationship. “We all Super Bowl partied together, dinners and things like that… Normal things couples do with their friends,” he said. While the pair separated after 6 months in 2020 due to “busy schedules”, it’s safe to say that Larkin is probably revisiting his statement of the “normal” couple, with nothing but regret.

Don’t deny it, if we could we would. Del Rey has set the bar high for getting back at exes, and we are now joining the legion of fans who are saying the act is “the kind of petty & rich that I will never be, but can honestly admire.” The glimpse into the new album, albeit just the one billboard in Tulsa promotion, is proving that the release is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the new year. 

WriterElla Chadwick
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