Jameela Elfaki’s photography celebrates the diversity of beauty

Founder of the incredible AZEEMA zine, Jameela Elfaki is also the mind behind the powerful images it's made up of.

Photographer, writer, editor, AKA insanely talented creative polymath, Elfaki’s work is exceptionally poignant in its celebration of the diversity of beauty and femininity. Speaking to HUNGER last December, Jameela Elfaki explained that she founded her magazine out of “pure frustration” at the lack of representation, to create something that instead is “inclusive of Women of Colour and knowledgeable of Islamic faith, African and Arab culture”.

Exemplifying this in her photography, Elfaki’s work captures the exceptional diverse beauty that exists in our world, and provides young girls with inspiration and liberation: “the aim is to empower, not to offend”. Featuring softly powerful colour palettes, dewy stripped back looks, her work focuses on the natural, the candid and subverting stereotypes. Take a look at some of our favourite creations below, read our interviews with Jameela Elfaki here and here, and follow her on Instagram here.

wordsKitty Robson
photographyJameela Elfaki