“Instant classic”: The internet can’t get enough of Drake’s son’s debut track

Adonis Graham makes his musical debut, even getting his own high budget music video.

Released yesterday, ‘My Man Freestyle’ is the debut song of Adonis Graham, the adorable son of Canadian rapper Drake and French artist Sophie Brusseaux. And with a name like Adonis, it was only a matter of time before Drake’s six-year-old son decided to pursue a career much like his own.

The proud father shared the release of the song via Instagram to celebrate Adonis’ sixth birthday, sharing the accompanying music video which features his son giving his friends a pep talk on the basketball court (another one of his talents), and a guest cameo from Drake as well towards the end. Many Drake fans have taken to the internet to share their thoughts – many of them positive, swooned by the cuteness of the six-year-old’s voice.

There’s no doubt that Drake is a doting father to the budding new rapper, who’s using the moniker Adonis, as he has also recently starred alongside his dad in the music video of Drake’s latest track, 8AM in Charlotte.

And it seems as though this only a small slice of Adonis’ creative genius, as Drake also revealed the multi-disciplinary creative also designed the Basquiat-esque album art for Drake’s latest album For All The Dogs. We imagine this is just the beginning of the latest nepo-baby’s blossoming career, and we must confess upon listening to the song, it’s actually pretty good – though hardly surprisingly given Drake’s contacts.

WriterLucas Ind
Image Banner CreditDrake / Instagram