Igor Pjörrt Documents The Curiosity and Naivety of Falling In Love

Betelgeuse was born out of the curiosity and naivety of falling for someone. At its earliest stage it was a hectic documentation of my partner until we had to inevitably separate. The true core of the series came to light when we met again during the summer last year on Madeira Island. It started orbiting around a long-distance relationship, through him and through the places where we would see each other again.

My own experiences made me sympathise with the fears and visions that we shared, and through vulnerability and shamelessness we were woven together in intimate moments. As we systematically quit each other I found myself comparing the condition of love to a dying star. That’s where the name ‘Betelgeuse’ came from. I began imagining this nakedness as the fuel driving it to an imminent explosion in which love could finally become unconditional.

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words and photographyIgor Pjörrt