HUNGER’s guide to the best invasive and non-invasive treatments in London right now

From glowing facials to manis with cocktails, HUNGER has scoured the salons to find the best beauty treatments just for you. It's time to sit back, take a break from your busy day-to-day schedule and find your inner peace once again...

You glow girl

CACI Facial | £159 at Lisa Franklin London

Party season is upon us, and the girlies are busy planning their outfits – but are you prepping for the most glowing skin at the ball? Award-winning skincare expert, product developer, and nutritionist Lisa Franklin, with her own clinic located in the southern part of Knightsbride, has you covered. With over twenty years of medical research behind the CACI facial, it has long been referred to as the ‘Non-Surgical Facelift’, providing a treatment that tones muscles, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents sagging skin. That refreshed youthful glow is achieved without anti-ageing injections or dermal fillers, and instead sees Franklin’s skin specialists harness the power of microcurrent impulses, ultrasonic peeling, and high frequency LED light therapy. The treatment lifts and tones the facial muscles and neck area, focusing on crows feet, puffiness, dark circles, lip plumping, and dehydration. While you’ll see benefits from just one session, It is advised to attend a series of CACI treatments depending on your desired results, which can be planned in advance with your skin specialist at the Lisa Franklin Clinic. As the UK Flagship location for CACI, you can now get your non-invasive facelift without any of the incisions or downtime usually associated with surgeries — here’s to plump skin just in time for party season!

Rose Gold Radiance Facial | £180 at 111SKIN

111SKIN has opened the brand’s first appointment-only, luxury treatment, and wellness space at the 111 clinic on Harley Street in London. Their facial treatments utilise the company’s signature relaxing massage which takes their exclusive formulas and 111SKIN skincare line for clinical-level results. The menu of facial treatments is tailored to your skin and ranges from fortifying the epidermal barrier, clarifying the complexion, brightening the tone, and lifting ageing skin. The 60-minute Rose Gold Radiance Facial is the epitome of self-love, and combines these restorative properties with the brand’s innovative formulas, to fully lift, firm and sculpt your complexion. The facial massage for this treatment is a three-level approach, which includes their signature massage technique, the Wrinkle Minimising Wand, and Rose Quartz stone massage (the latter for an ultimate dosage of self-love).

City Cleanse Facial | £165 at Skinwork 

At Skinwork in Soho, one of their favourite treatments is the City Cleanse Facial, which combines a plethora of facials for the ultimate skin restoration. It is designed for the toll that city life and busy schedules take on our skin and the dampener that can put on a radiant glow. By utilising elements of the Signature Facial, Microdermabrasion, and Perfecting Peel, this 65-minute treatment takes on four main steps. Firstly, the Anti Bac Pore Extraction takes place, followed by Microdermabrasion, Antioxidant infusion, and Lactic and Mandelic Perfecting Peel. The combination will deeply cleanse, resurface the skin, remove congestion, boost radiance and hydration, as well as calm the skin – a busy skincare routine to take the stress of a busy life! And that isn’t where it ends, with a hand, arm, neck, and shoulder massage continuing throughout the treatment, ending with a skin consultation and recommendations to keep your skin up to scratch.

Egyptian Facial | £250 with Iris Maglanoc at Dr. David Jack

Expertly trained aesthetic therapist Iris Maglanoc has a magic hand when it comes to treating your face, and our HUNGER’s tester attendee can vouch for it. Your face is guaranteed to look smaller and more snatched after an appointment with Maglonac, who specialises in patient wellbeing with a decade-long history of experience in her field. By focusing on treatments that improve the way you feel, this best-selling facial is inspired by the beauty Queen herself Cleopatra, and her famed beauty routine. This multi-step medical-grade facial combines a series of fruit-based acid peels (just like the rumoured routine of Cleopatra), which will be tailored to your own individual skin needs. Then comes a dermaplaning treatment to exfoliate the skin and a nourishing vitamin treatment. The benefits can be seen immediately, leaving the skin brighter and more radiant as the top layer of dead skin cells is exfoliated and the removal of fine vellus hairs allows active skincare to be absorbed.

Signature Laser Facial | £250 at Skin Laundry

There’s no glow quite like a Skin Laundry Signature Laser Facial. The pioneering service is merging advanced technology with skincare formulations to give you the healthiest and most radiant skin possible. The technique uses a YAG laser to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production to make it more resilient. It can help prevent breakout, rosacea, and pigmentation – and is also great for that pre-holiday glow! With a first treatment for only £75, the group also offers a membership scheme which means you get the best deals across all their invasive and non-invasive treatments. Head to one of their stores in Soho, Hampstead, and Chelsea for the ultimate pre-getaway treat.

Signature Collagen Facial with Non-Injection Mesotherapy — £260 at Oblique Beauty House 

TikTok is full of creams promising to give you the skin of a ten year old. If you want something that truly works, though, you need to try Oblique’s Signature Collagen Facial. The products are made by QMS, a German cosmeceutical company on a mission to make skin look younger by enhancing blood flow and promoting collagen production. The facial itself, which you can try at Oblique’s South Kensington salon, begins with an ultra calming massage and cleansing ritual, before ramping things up with an potent active exfoliant that makes skin silky smooth. Here comes the clever part, though clinicians then use a high-tech oxygen wand to apply a bespoke blend of serums to the skin, packing it with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to look its best. It’s essentially a non-invasive version of Mesotherapy, which tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and promotes hydration. Best of all, it’s suitable for all skin types and there’s no recovery time needed. Oh, and it can get rid of acne scars, too. Hallelujah!

Just for fun

Mani with gel polish | £47 at Iris Avenue

Iris Avenue are getting the nail party started, and quite literally putting the bar into their beauty bar services. What better combination than a fresh set of nails and a cocktail on the side? Based on Store Street in Bloomsbury, Iris Avenue’s team of highly experienced beauticians offer a range of treatments from manis and pedis to lash lifts and extensions to facials and spray tans. Iris Avenue is turning the regular beauty appointment into a complete experience and now opens its services to group events for you and your friends. A selection of curated cocktails is at the ready, with the addition of wines, mocktails, smoothies, and coffees for whatever time of day you’re feeling is happy hour.

Manicure | £40 at So. Shell

So. Shell’s durable mani prides itself on high-quality steel tools and gel polish to give you a long-lasting treatment. The nail bar which is run by Ukrainians, delivers their bespoke ‘Ukrainian Manicure’ consisting of sterile instruments, a qualified technician, and long-wear coating. Classical will soak your hands in a bath, and combined will use a machine alongside tools, including a hardware session where the cuticle is cleaned and removed using an electric file. So. Shell at Carnaby has created successful projects in the Ukraine to continue to create awareness following the Russian invasion that devastated their community, as well as hiring Ukrainian refugees and offering courses in the UK to train them in nail artistry. The entire salon was created by a Ukrainian designer, to boot, with all the furniture being produced there as well. 

Philip Martin’s Scalp Treatment | £85 at Neville Hair & Beauty

At Neville Hair & Beauty in Belgravia, they are all about spotlighting the root cause (literally) of where rejuvenating your ‘do really starts. Applied at the backwash, their formula for mending the scalp is based on a natural clay, which will exfoliate dead skin, relieve itchiness, and provide deep nourishing hydration. Philip Martin’s Scalp Treatment starts with an assessment before choosing one of two clay combinations. The first is clay made from caulin and the second from granulated clay, and then depending on the best option for your hair type, the clay is applied and followed with a scalp massage. With the hair still wet, the humid clay is given a 10-minute massage, allowing blood to flow to the scalp for hair growth. After one treatment, HUNGER’s tester noticed an immediate improvement to the texture of the hair, but Neville Hair & Beauty recommends at least six sessions for maximum effect. 

Steam Treatment | £65 at The Neil Moodie Studio

At Neil Moodie Studio in Old Spitalfields Market, their team of well-trained stylists is dedicated to finding a ‘do that will suit you – and is at the forefront of style. It only takes 30 minutes out of your day to get their signature steam treatment, with results that will give your locks a complete moisture refresh. The results utilise deep conditioning, more moisture, detangling, and more volume for all types of hair and textures. The treatment involves a personalised hair and scalp analysis, with a 2-minute pre-steam to open up the cuticles. This is then followed by a massage and rinse, with a 5-minute conditioner massage and a 10-minute steam pod with the salon’s massage chairs. It’s the ultimate relaxing treatment! After a 35-year career working on magazine covers, runways, and red carpets, Neil Moodie has opened his services in his new studio venture and is bringing his luxury calming vibes to us all. The salon is also partnered with the Green Salon Collective, an organisation committed to recycling and offsetting, as well as research and education within the hairdressing sustainability space.

Micro Blading | £550 at SJ Brows

In the world of brow transformations, Stephanie, the founder of SJBrows is at the top of her game. HUNGER’s beauty-tester got to experience microblading for the first time, which is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that uses fine, precise strokes to enhance and shape eyebrows. With each stroke, our tester says that Stephanie turned her brows into mini works of art. Her ability to tailor the treatment to our tester’s request to keep them low-key and natural resulted in brows that subtly complimented their features, and kept them at ease through the duration of the session. Stephanie was one of the first in the UK to understand the importance of brows, and how they are the most dominant feature in structuring the beauty of your face. Her transformations include working the infamous ‘High-Low Brows’ with her semi-permanent tattooing methods, which can last over 12 months. There is no finer way to create hair-like strokes, and with the help of SJ Brows, you can help disguise common eyebrow hair loss to regain confidence in your appearance.

LVL Lash Lift and Tint — £70 at Pre Salons 

HUNGER’s beauty tester reports that Pre Salons oozes rejuvenation from every corner. As a first-timer getting a lash lift, they had a mix of excitement and nerves, but the expert technicians at Pre Salons quickly helped alleviate any butterflies. The lash lift procedure began with a lifting solution, followed by a setting solution to make sure the lift stayed put for the 3-4 week duration. To take things up a notch and really give the eyes the wow factor, a tint was applied and combined with the lift and the results were incredible. What’s great about the LVL Lash Lift and Tint is that you won’t need to schedule any recovery time as the lift is instant and the whole procedure takes under an hour — making it perfect for some lunch break self-care.

3D Dry Cut — From £69 at Gustav Fouche

According to celebrity hair stylist Gustav Fouche, cutting hair wet is like cutting it blind. Dry is our hair’s natural state, after all. The process begins with a luxurious wash and blow dry, before the scissors come out to create a bespoke look based on your face shape and features. The hair is then styled to create the perfectly-tousled pièce de résistance. As well as offering texture that a wet cut cannot, the benefits of the 3D cut also continue after you’ve left the trendy Westbourne Grove salon, since hair that’s been cut dry is easier to maintain. And, speaking of maintaining your hair at home, Fouche has recently brought out his own natural, organic and silicone-free haircare range, GF Fabulosity, which includes a variety of shampoos, conditioners and treatments to nourish, repair and hydrate the hair and scalp without the damaging and drying effects of silicone.

Show off those pearly whites

Invisalign Aligners with Dr. Graham Tinkler | £2950 for Moderate Treatment at Cannon Street Dental Care

If you’re considering investing in Invisalign, there’s only one dentist to go to. Dr. Graham Tinkler is one of the UK’s leading Invisalign dentists, having straightened the teeth of more than 5000 clients. Much of his success is found in his ability to treat complicated cases, with his precision showing his passion for his practice. At Cannon Street Dental Care, the highly advanced technology gives you the freedom to alter your pearly whites without the traditional ‘train track’ braces. It can straighten your teeth in a much shorter period of time, as well as align your top and bottom jaw simultaneously. With Dr. Tinkler, you can book your free consultation, then if the treatment is considered appropriate for you, photos, X-rays, and digital scans will take place, with a 3D video of what your teeth will look like provided at a later date. You will receive a series of aligners to wear every day, changing at home on average every one to two weeks. Your teeth will be monitored by Dr. Tinkler every week using the Dental Monitoring system, and at the end, you can discuss any refinements. Straight pearly whites have never been more accessible!

Let’s get snatched

Total Face Refresh | – with Professor Ali Ghanem

The UK’s only professor of Aesthetic Medicine, Professor Ali Ghanem, is world-renowned for his ‘Total Face Refresh’. Known for a gentle touch and for producing natural, long-lasting, and dependable results when it comes to injectables, Professor Ghanem is the go-to for those looking for facial rejuvenation. The clinic prides itself on providing a tailor-made service for each  patient, and Professor Ghanem gets to know their wants, needs, and concerns prior to any treatment — making him the perfect practitioner for nervous patients or those who are new to the world of cosmetic enhancements. The ‘Total Face Refresh’ draws on a list of facial treatments, which can be performed as a combination. These include energy-based technologies, injectables, stem cell enriched fat transfer, laser treatments, radio-frequency, and electromagnetic energy devices. Professor Ghanem will review his client first for three things, which are volume responsible for facial contour, laxity for definition, and surface for its radiance. Then, he will restore facial harmony and address each feature to create a balanced overall finish. Volume loss in particular is the main cause of facial ageing, with skin irregularities, hollowing under the eyes and flatter cheeks being the main targets of this particular treatment.

Profhilo | £450 per syringe at Dr. David Jack

As the ‘Notox’ trend continues to gain traction, more and more people are looking to really boost their skin from the inside out — and that’s where Profhilo enters the chat. The injectable treatment, which is not a filler or your typical invasive cosmetic treatment, consists of high-concentration hyaluronic acid to moisturise your skin from the inside out. People are seeking out the treatment for its hydration factors, but also because it will treat skin texture irregularities and fine lines, and wrinkles, rebuild lost collagen and elastin and improve overall skin quality.  Profhilo claims to leave your skin glowing for 3 to 6 months after the series, which in turn seeks to improve the dermal thickness and bounce. The treatment comprises 2 to 3 sessions, with the first phase making your skin deeply hydrated and glowing and the second phase of treatment using dermal remodelling for thickened, healthier skin and a long-term wrinkle-free appearance. 

After HUNGER’s first appointment at Dr. David Jack’s luxurious new clinic in Belgravia, the skin was left looking more glowing, and the tone looked more visibly clearer and smoother — but it’s not for the faint hearted. As Dr. David Jack warned our tester, the treatment can be painful and consists of receiving around 10 injections around the face. The pain, not unlike a bee sting, only lasted around five seconds, and they were given a stress ball to squeeze and encouraged to vocalise. It’s definitely easier the second time around, and the small bumps that the injections leave pretty much disappear around 10 hours afterwards, giving this treatment a low recovery time. Most of the benefits arrive after six weeks, when our tester noticed that their skin seemed  glowed and felt hardier. It is worth noting, however, that the effects will be more pronounced on older patients, or those with more defined lines and wrinkles. But still, if you’re into prevention, you can’t go wrong with the low-risk glow and skin boosting effects that Profhilo delivers. 

Busy city girl life can mean time for booking in treatments and consultations is hard to come by. Carriages of Harley Street knows this all too well, and has come up with a nifty solution to your woes. Their private mobile clinic pulls up right to your door at your desired time, and is run by a team of qualified doctors. It’s led by licensed GP Dr. Richard Devine (check out his Instagram for aesthetic inspo), who has expertise in a wide range of cosmetic procedures, and has previously worked in various Harley Street locations during his seven years in aesthetics. With a palpable interest in the wellbeing of his clients, and providing natural results, some of Dr Devine’s most popular treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, injectable moisturisers and corrective treatments. 

HUNGER popped in to test Carriages of Harley Street’s Hyalase treatment, which dissolves and rapidly breaks down undesired filler over 24 to 48 hours. With a small test patch performed beforehand, this treatment is also offered to those with vascular occlusion (blockage of a blood vessel). The hyalase solution is injected into the skin where the filler remains, and can be treated with minimal discomfort for absorption to take place. We saw less filler in the area within hours, and noticeable improvement in the next several days. With the right advice for you just on your doorstep, you can peruse more of the Carriages of Harley Street’s services here.

Protect your Inner beauty

The Amani Method Lymphatic Drainage Full Body | £350 with Dimple Amani

With over 18 years of experience, there is no one to go to for the ultimate healing experience like Dimple Amani. Her signature treatments aim to heal both the mind and body simultaneously, dubbed ‘The Amani Method’ for their revitalising take on lymphatic drainage. This treatment mixes both gentle and firm methods for a bespoke experience, which is performed all over the body to activate the lymph nodes and help rid the body of toxins and reduce water retention. Amani uses a therapeutic sesame seed-infused Body and Navel Oil to stimulate drainage whilst nourishing the skin. The likes are made from a unique blend of healing Ayurveda-inspired herbs – a system of medicine Amani has been practicing since a young age when she was first introduced to the methods by her own grandmother. The massage helps flush out toxins completely and will reignite the energy from within from various Marma points. After a session with Amani, HUNGER’s tester noticed that their cheekbones, jawline and navel were visibly enunciated, it’s no wonder that models flock to Amani pre-fashion week for that entire body “snatch”.

Reiki Healing | £85 at The Foundry

 In a Reiki Healing session with psychic medium Rebecca, at The Foundry’s new location in Vauxhall, you will unleash your flow of positive energy, transferring universal energy from your practitioner’s hand to the body for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. A short psychic reading is then offered, so you can discuss findings from the reading. With Rebecca, her aim is to channel your feelings of self-empowerment and restore a sense of calmness, which is important for anyone living a busy life.

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