Hunger Wants: Experimental Perfume Club’s LAYERS

Since its inception the Experimental Perfume Club has been helping fragrance lovers create the most unique scents possible in their London studio, bespoke perfumes blended using notes that work with their own personality and nuances.

But now the Experimental Perfume Club founder Emmanuelle Moeglin has gone one step further, launching the brand’s first fragrance collection. Titled LAYERS the collection allows the wearer to create their own scent story, with three distinct layers made to be blended into your own fragrance or worn on their own. Comprising of a top, middle and base layer the three scents draw from bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood – all of which work in harmony to create new fragrances based on your own taste and can be layered up in different measures time and time again, ensuring that your scent is as unique as you.

Available exclusively at Liberty. Find out more at

Layers\01 Blending Collection: £90, Layers Top, Mid and Base 50ml Eau de Parfum : £95, Blending bottle 8ml (accessory): £15

artworkGeorgia Taunton