How TikTok cracked the ‘Tabi Swiper’ Tinder date theft

This weekend, one news story had TikTok users in a chokehold — a story of deceit, betrayal and the theft of $1,000 Maison Margiela Tabi trotters.

The fashion girlies have been dumbfounded this weekend following an unimaginable story from unassuming TikTok user @nextlevellexuss aka Lex and the theft and redistribution of her prized $1,000 Maison Margiela Tabi Mary Janes. 

Lex took to the platform following the theft of her beloved Margiela Mary Jane Tabi shoes, following a night of passion with a cute boy she’d met in the fashionable streets of SoHo, New York City. The pair had priorly connected on Tinder, and by chance had bumped into each other that fateful night, after chatting over some drinks, the two returned to Lex’s apartment where Joshua (Tabi swiper, as he has been dubbed referring to the Netflix documentary’s Tinder Swindler) spent the night.

Following their relations and with Lex promptly removing him from her threshold, Lex noticed that where her prized pair of Tabis had once sat, now laid a desolate and empty space in her shoe rack. Lex described how she searched high and low around her apartment in search for the shoes to no avail, before attempting to reach out to her paramour. However, much like that empty space on her shoe rack, the former lover turned burglar’s presence on her phone was also gone. Lex goes on to recount how she handed her phone to him as he wanted to show her a playlist on Spotify (we can only hope Britney Spears’ Criminal was featured), which is where he must have removed his number from her call-log, in a calculating act of deceit.

A bewildered Lex to TikTok with her story of a heinous crime that she had to endure following a seemingly innocent hook-up, a tale that we could only imagine Sex and The City’s Carrie Bradshaw to be caught up in – let’s not  forget the iconic SATC quote, ““They were no longer after money anymore. They were after fashion”. Subsequently, the Tiktok went viral with many coming forward with news of a friend receiving a pair of Maison Margiela Mary Jane Tabi shoes for her birthday from her boyfriend – it doesn’t take Miss Marple to help connect the dots to realise that the Tabi swiper had stolen the shoes for his girlfriend, whilst simultaneously cheating on her.

Thankfully, Lex has since been reunited with her beloved Tabis, and it is believed the girlfriend has dumped her cheating thief boyfriend. Though humorous, Lex stated in a follow up TikTok that she had garnered a lot of misogynistic comments slut-shaming her following the whole ordeal. In a modern climate that preaches sexual liberation, it is upsetting to see such comments amid the chaos.

WriterLucas Ind
Banner Image Credit@Maison Margiela