Here’s how you can support the trans community right now

Following the transphobic bile pouring out of the Conservative Party Conference this week, HUNGER shares resources to support trans and non-binary people…

This week at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, amongst a display of a failing party who have appeared to hit rock bottom and started to dig even further, transphobia took centre stage. 

Health Secretary Steve Barclay announced plans to ban trans women from using female wards in hospitals, and implied that trans people are a threat to the safety of women. Whilst Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that he’d bring “common sense” to the public sector, in reference to gender politics, before commenting “we shouldn’t get bullied into believing that people can be any sex they want to be”, which was met – spine-chillingly – by a sea of applause from fellow Tory members. 

While the Tories have come under fire from some members of their own party, and of course, the wider public, the Home Office itself admitted on Thursday that the anti-trans rhetoric spewed by politicians could be fuelling a rise in hate crimes towards the trans and non-binary community. As they found, hate crimes against transgender folk are increasing at an alarming rate, rising by 11 per cent in the last year. And it’s hardly surprising given the comments that were made by the ruling party this week – a country where its own PM is peddling this rhetoric is not one that will foster a safe environment for the trans and non-binary communities.

So, while we all wait to oust the Tories from power at the next election, make sure you can be the best ally to trans and non-binary people right now. Here’s how… 

Books to Read

Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice by Shon Faye

In The Sunday Times’s bestseller, British journalist, Shon Faye draws upon her own experience as a trans woman, as she details the existence of the trans community in the UK. As she explores how issues such as social class, housing insecurity, employment, police violence and sex work and how they directly affect the trans community. 

Transitional by Munroe Bergdorf 

Black trans woman Munroe Bergorf endeavours to explore how change is an essential part of human experience, and how everyone will transition throughout their lives. Change is a part of everyone’s lives and should not be something that separates us. Bergdorf hopes her book brings a closer to a shared consciousness and builds a stronger community. 

Pageboy by Elliot Page

In his deeply personal and passionate memoir, actor Elliot Page discusses their gender identity, mental health and the effect of Hollywood. As Page discusses the damaging effect of Hollywood and the pressures to fit into gendered binaries.

17th November by Charley Dean Sayers

Trans model and artist Charley Dean Sayers raw and personal photography book allows us an insight into their transition journey, and provides us with a nuanced understanding of trans healthcare. Her book also details her mother’s emotional journey of caring for her trans child – swinging from the excitement of witnessing their child becoming themselves, but also the fear she felt for her health and safety.



One of the leading trans charities here in the UK, Mermaids seek to help and support young trans and non-binary people and their families. They also seek to educate and inform the wider society on gender identity, through local community groups, helpline services and web resources.

Gendered Intelligence

The transled grassroots organisation work tirelessly to increase understanding of gender diversity and to generally improve trans people’s quality of life. The charity works across a variety of sectors, from youth work to professional workplaces, to help further educate more people about gender inclusivity, and to help create safe spaces for trans and non-binary people. 

The UK is also host to many helplines that cater for those struggling with their gender identity and are often a lifeline to trans and non-binary people struggling with their mental health.

TV & film 

Sex Education

The latest season of Netflix’s Sex Education introduced new trans and non binary characters to the already diverse cast. Their introduction touches on issues regarding gender reaffirming surgery and inclusive language, which further educate their audience. 


The American drama series Pose offers up a flamboyant and progressive depiction of the New York underground 80’s ball scene, focusing on fictional characters honouring the real-life trials and triumphs faced by members of the Black and Latino trans and queer community. As the trans and queer community faced the uncertainty of the HIV and Aids crisis and the attack on their social rights, the ballroom offered them a safe haven. At the heart of the series, Pose is rooted in community and self-pride.


HBO’s Euphoria quickly became one of the most compelling shows on TV following its release in 2019. The series follows Rue, Jules, and a handful of other teens as they struggle with addiction, sexuality, abuse and identity. Trans actress Hunter Schafer quickly became the series’ breakout star: an advocate turned model turned TV-star, she infused Jules’ storyline with her own personal experiences. Euphoria not only featured other trans actors like Quintessa Swindell, but also explored gender and sexuality that felt authentic to its audience.

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