Here’s how to close out SS23’s biggest trends, second-hand

HUNGER sifts through this summer’s most sizzling styles in time for LFW to give you some inspiration to get shopping vintage.

As the heatwave closes out what has felt like a never-ending summer, it’s high time to look to London Fashion Week. This SS23, we’ve seen oodles of micro trends and “-cores”, and it would be a shame to not channel them into the colder months, especially when you factor in sustainability.  Here, with the help of circular fashion retailer, Depop, we’re running you through how to make your summer wardrobe do the most this fashion week, and well into the autumnal season…


Nope, this is one trend that isn’t just for the beer garden. After the women’s world cup took over our screens, we were inspired to channel our own inner Lioness by mixing uber-femme with casual second-hand footie shirts, adidas zip-ups, and if we were really brave, skirts over trousers. It makes for the perfect transitional wardrobe, as has been sported by the likes of Bella Hadid, Alexa Chung and Ruby Lyn, and so we’ve been scanning through @kathandrosa’s Depop store for vintage trackies that don’t bear the Grace Wales Bonner price tag. “The best thing about trackies is that they can easily be styled up or dressed down,” the seller tells HUNGER. “They’re a wardrobe staple! We’d pair them with a little tee and then dress them up with big sunnies, a statement handbag and chunky trainers. They sell really well on our Depop and we’re seeing people wearing them more and more in their day to day lives. Even seeing someone rocking a tracksuit on a night out with a nice top really isn’t out of the ordinary these days!” 

Image Credit: Ruby Lyn / Instagram

Extreme 00s

Subtle Y2K isn’t really the vibe anymore, it’s now all about hardcore. This is one macro trend that won’t be dying down anytime soon, but proceed with caution as this autumn it’s set to be less Jersey Shore and more Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ era. Luckily, Depop has a plethora of sellers, like @marieyoung or @att_a_girl who specialise in Y2K vintage. Go for a Paris Hilton inspired slogan, baby tee or designer wraparound sunnies. The key players here were all in your teenage wardrobe; Hollister, Juicy Couture, Baby Phat, Miss Sixty, Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, Ugg, Paul Frank, and DC Shoes, but if you no longer have ’em, turn on your notifications for sellers chucking out theirs. Though some of the brands may be releasing new modern collections inspired by Y2K, it’s all about the niche find. 

Credit: Bella Hadid / Instagram

Coastal cowgirls

Coastal grandmother is *so* last year, and we are now in our coastal cowgirl era. This summer, it’s been about mermaid-inspired beach wave hair and shell necklaces with a side of suede skirts and denim waistcoats.  Luckily, it’s something you can channel into late September with a few tweaks, for example, opting for a pair of vintage loafers with your crochet dress to give an autumnal feel. We’ve been particularly inspired by the wares sold from @pascaleeliza Depop shop, who specialises in designer pieces from the 90s and Noughties. “This is due to the quality of these pieces – it’s unmatched compared to modern day production methods and the items speak for themselves, standing the test of time both in a design sense and quality,” she tells us. “Loafers are such a classic wardrobe staple that can really elevate most outfits. They look great with anything as simple as a pair of your favourite denim and a crisp white shirt, a mini skirt with some cute socks and even an evening LBD moment…you can’t go wrong really!”


We know it, and we love it: balletcore. The aesthetic has pirouetted through the fashion calendar and become a mainstay thanks to the dainty pink Miu Miu pumps that can be seen on Pinterest mood boards everywhere. It’s an easy one to carry over to AW23, sport a slicked-back bun, frilly hair accessories, wrap-around knits, and some Black Swan-inspired makeup and you’re ready to go. We’d advise picking up legwarmers, a handmade scrunchie, and one of @byeanna’s handmade crochet bags from Depop to really make your look sing. 

Credit: Ella Karberg / Instagram

Shabby Chic

This summer, we saw the more wholesome cousin of coquette — shabby chic. It’s all about femininity and charm, but was initially birthed as an interior trend, which combined retro patterns, delicate fabrics, and soft pastel colours. Now, thanks to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Weyes Blood, bleached out maxi dresses, undone updos, and earth tones have made a major re-appearance. While it may no longer be warm enough to walk around town in just a dress, this is one aesthetic that can endure throughout the colder months. Add a string of pearls to your outfit, repurpose some shells you found on your travels, and pair those tea-stained cutoffs with a jumper to live out your best Miss Havisham fantasies. You can find plenty of Inspiration over at @graceisgarmz on Depop, including vintage slip dresses, nighties that will become the basis of your outfits come October, or a statement in and of themselves…

WriterNessa Humayun
Banner Image Credit: Matilda Djerf / Instagram