Here’s how to achieve summer’s hottest graphic eyeliner looks

Graphic eyeliner doesn't have to be as intimidating as it looks — here's your how-to...

Professional makeup artist and digital creator Aoife Cullen brings an editorial eye to TikTok’s biggest makeup trends — and graphic eyeliner (which has been trending all year long) is one of her many talents.

“Through lockdown, we’ve seen the rise of more creative, playful and fun makeup looks off the back of excess time at home, and subsequently on social media,” she tells HUNGER. “The explosion of graphic, statement and eye-catching liners is exciting for anyone who is exploring their identity, creativity and personality… I, personally, was so excited to see the rise of appreciation for this kind of makeup after being a long term advocate for more ‘out there’ looks.”

Having first fallen in love with statement makeup back in 2013, Aoife went on to create a series across her Instagram and TikTok channels to help people of all abilities ease into the statement eye look world. Her resounding message? “Going against the norms of traditional beauty expectations is not only empowering but just good fun! I encourage everyone to try it on for size”

To help you get the look in time for summer, Aoife shared some of her favourite powerful eye looks, as well as her top tips…

Aoife wears Glisten Cosmetics in Roulette.

“Invest in one or two good liner brushes and some wet liners! I recommend Glisten Cosmetics for quality. They are so streamlined, versatile and easy to use that they practically draw the lines themselves,” says the makeup artist. “Don’t focus on ‘perfection’. Start with a rough idea of the shape/colour you want and follow your brush from there. When you start spending more time cleaning up, you’ve already lost. Let go of the idea of perfection and lean into artistic expression!”

Aoife wears Glisten Cosmetics in Blueberry and Sapphire.

“Start simple with small lines or dots to ease yourself into playful eye makeup and build up each time you do your eyes.”

Aoife wears Glisten Cosmetics in Roulette.

“Don’t worry about perfect symmetry on both eyes — in fact, it looks cooler when they are different.”

Aoife wears Glisten Cosmetics in Strawberry.

“Have fun. Think more about creating little works of art in your eyes rather than perfect bold lines.”

Aoife wears VUX Studio in Onyx Black.
WriterNessa Humayun