Here’s all the various food produce that Liz Truss couldn’t outlast

The former PM had a shorter lifespan in England's top job than a block of cheese.

In a turn of events that, let’s be honest, most of us saw coming, Liz Truss announced her resignation as Prime Minister after just 45 days in office. Her departure means she holds the unwanted title of being the shortest-serving PM in recent history. In light of the news, have outlined a few things that have outlived Truss’ reign – and a couple that haven’t.

Interestingly, a bottle of unopened champagne is still as good as ever up until it reaches the two years mark, meaning it’s outlived Truss by quite a stretch. Meanwhile, a block of cheese (which Truss seemed to have an obsession with) can last up to six months. Another victory for the consumables. A few other items that have outlasted Truss are a can of soup (2 years), a jar of peanut butter (3-4 months) and a box of cereal (3 months).

On the other hand, we can congratulate the current Government for outliving a box of eggs (three weeks) and a bunch of bananas (four days). While we sit back and wait for a new administration to be announced, there’s one thing we know for certain, it definitely won’t outlive a stick of gum (1000 years).

WriterChris Saunders