‘gal-dem,’ publication dedicated to platforming marginalised communities, folds after eight years

The publication cited financial struggles as the reason behind its closure.

Online and print publication gal-dem dedicated to women and non-binary people of colour is set to fold after eight years.

In a statement shared on their website, gal-dem staff wrote: “We are incredibly sad to announce that after eight years, gal-dem is closing. As a platform dedicated to centring people of colour from marginalised genders, we have collectively created and grown as a community since 2015, however, gal-dem continuing to operate as a business is unfortunately no longer feasible.”

Financial struggles that come with running independent media outlets were cited as the reason behind the decision to end the publication. The statement continued: “Keeping a small, independent media company that is reliant on partnerships afloat over the last three years has been increasingly challenging.”


“Through a global pandemic, brand budget reductions and economic downturn, we have worked tirelessly to reconfigure how we operate and keep gal-dem going through it all. And while we’re passionate about our membership model, it’s been difficult to sustain the level of growth needed here to support our work in the long term.”

Earlier this month, there were a number of staff departures, alongside submissions for pitches from freelance writers closing in January and February.

“It meant so much for gal-dem to exist in the world, to tell the stories that mattered to us and our lived experiences, and to do it with authenticity, care, and heart. While this chapter is ending, we hope that the spirit of what gal-dem proved possible over eight years will live on with you all. gal-dem to us, has been so much more than a magazine,” the statement continued.

Alongside the announcement, gal-dem shared a list of independent media organisations doing important work in similar spaces they’d like readers to support, which can be found here.

gal-dem magazine was founded in 2015 by Liv Little, becoming a well-celebrated publication for its commitment to giving marginalised communities a platform and space to thrive. The gal-dem site will remain live for at least one year.

Christopher Saunders