From the ‘Natty’ to the ‘Mixie’ – Here’s our guide to the hottest hair trends of summer

What better time than summer to let go of your current locks and opt for an upgraded trim? With the return of some of our fave funky styles, we are giving you the lowdown on how to do it best…

The weather is getting warmer by the minute and our festival wardrobes are almost perfect, but are we forgetting the most important accessory of them all? Our hair is the top signifier of our style, and 2023 is mixing some much-loved 80s and 90s cuts with a plethora of modern twists. With glam rock tendencies, a rainbow of colour options, and a dip in the timeless ‘dos across the pond, we have been given the ultimate lowdown from London’s leading sustainable salon group Buller and Rice on what to ask for on your next trip to the hairdresser. Or even better, inspire you to book in for that transformation you have been pondering over all winter… 

Mix it up with the Mixie

It’s the mullet’s older, sophisticated sister who knows how a chop can truly flatter your face. The Mixie – as the name would suggest – is a hybrid of the mullet and pixie cut, which embraces light feathering over the ears and sweeps into a choppy short fringe that exposes the brows. The back keeps a little length for texture and softness, blending the idea of masc and fem by extenuating the features and keeping the curls to frame the face. Due to the cut doing all the talking, it also embraces the natural pattern of the hair, meaning a warm summer dew is no feat for this loud and proud ‘do. Styling is minimal, with a quick shake or towel dry (perfect for the festival season) and a spritz of some sea salt spray (even better if you’re taking a dip in the ocean). If you are feeling more extreme, shaving the temples shows a stronger contrast to the soft hairline, and gives it a bit of a soft rocker upgrade when headbanging front row to the gigs you have lined up. With the return of glam rock fashion and beauty, especially with the likes of metallic make-up hues, this could be the transitory style to ease you in, with no-fuss upgrades simple to implement with each appointment.

Say Oui to the French Bob 

Short hair is a timeless look, and the TikTok trend hoppers are jumping on the current Taylor La Shae and Amélie style of chop. An iteration of the chin-length number is the slightly grown-out version that champions longer thicker layers for that added texture. Buller and Rice dub this the perfect style if you are a regular “hair flicker”, or enjoy switching up your volume by tucking bits behind the ear for a sleeker version. It’s a bit of a chameleon ‘do, supporting the natural texture of your hair, but it is also easily styleable when you’re in the mood to switch things up. This year also sees the return of the finer fringe pieces around the face, which is a great addition to your long French Bob – see, it just works with everything.

Keep it Natty

Who doesn’t love embracing their natural texture? It’s quicker, easier, and more empowering — especially when lounging by the pool or frolicking through festival fields. This summer season is all about the holiday hair, meaning however your natural texture sits, it’s time to embrace it. The great thing about this trend is that you can learn how to work with your hair rather than against it and break the habit of heat damage once and for all. For inspiration, think Janis Joplin or Lily Rose-Depp in The Idol. To keep it as healthy as possible, it is advised that 6 to 8 weeks should be left between trims, and this can give you time to find a stylist who can educate you on your hair type and give tailored advice specific to you.

Rock band Red and shabby shadings

It is the summer of rock and roll. There’s no denying it, with the amazing outdoor performances, the return of grunge fashion, and all the aesthetics that come with it. Even better is the reintroduction of rocking ‘dos back into the mainstream – and that means all the crazy colours you can get your hands on. Red hair is back in its full vibrant glory. Prime Bowie, a bit of Hayley Williams, and a dash of Shirley Manson is the ultimate cocktail of mood board inspo. On the other side of the colour spectrum is the return of the faded hues, inspired entirely by the rockers who were too busy to keep up with their colour when embracing the good life. It’s a look in itself, slightly pastel like Kurt Cobain’s washed-out hot-pink, finished with a lasseiz-faire splashing of grown-out bleach blondes. The less you care about the upkeep of your muted oranges and lived-in greens, the more the look thrives.

Plaits and Partings, 90s style

We all know a great way to protect your hair from the trials and tribulations of all that the hot weather brings is to throw it into an updo. But a messy bun is just so 2015, and we have progressed with our easy solutions since then. Right now, the top knot is embracing the layers around the face, with trendsetters braiding the front strands and some in the bun to give added texture whilst maintaining that classy updo shape. It ensures no greasy-looking layers around the face are affected by sunscreen reapplication, and is a handy trick for all hair types and textures. Another 90s trend was the zig-zag parting with space buns, pigtails, and chunky braids. Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt era was a pioneer of the blue space bun, zig-zag look, and Sporty Spice, Mandy Moore, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera followed suit, interpreting it in a plethora of different colours and styles. The main accompaniment to this look is a trusty flyaway gel for both up and down styles, with added butterfly clips or glitter lines giving it the ultimate 90s summer sparkle.

WriterElla Chadwick
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