From botanic-core to romantic grunge — here’s HUNGER guide to festival dressing

The sun is out and soon so will be the ultimate festival fashion looks. Stay ahead of the curve and get trend-spotting before the season is out.

Festival season is almost upon us… and you know what that means? Yes, good music but more importantly, even better outfits. With a scorching summer set to continue, it is all about balancing functionality with looking as good as possible. Blistering heat, mud, rain, drinks flowing, and music blaring: it’s all about the vibes. Here, we give you a lowdown on the trends set to grace the fields this summer. 

Underwear as outerwear

It’s a fashion tale as old as time, and a little scandal never hurt anybody, right? Get your underwear out this year in a chic take on flashing. A multicolour option is sure to make a statement paired with some oversized jorts, and it’s even better if a sneaky showing of the knickers peaks over the top. The classic Y2K bumster could make a return with this look, and it’s all about the mid-riff moment. A bikini is the best bet and with durable material and a plethora of colourways, the likes of TRIANGL should be high on your must-have festival items. The brand’s new arrivals are giving 00s Miami at its finest – home to stripy, jacquard, and block patterns, and also accompanied by sarongs, breathable dresses, and mini hot pants. It’s a complete pick ‘n’ mix of underwear as outerwear. Alternatively, This Belongs To has a more cheeky approach to the trend, adorning their frilly silk pieces with embroidered messages and icons. The ‘Made In England’ collection and ‘Cowboy’ collection are perfect for whatever aesthetic you are going for this festival season – Cool Brittania or cowboy boots, bandana, and matching shorts? 

Romantic Grunge 

Festivals are all about that indie sleaze look – an Alexa Chung and her leopard print meet Kate Moss and her wellies type of vibe. We are talking feminine staples with rock-infused accessories, and a hell of a lot of mini-skirts and oversized jackets. 00s grunge is back (it never really left), and the perfect outfit can be served on an old Tumblr-style band girlfriend mood board. Whilst grunge-rock iterations can be heaped on with plenty of cross necklaces and pearls, it is perfecting the feminine touch that will set your fit apart from the music crowds this summer, and there is no better way to get the prime 2000s look than some second-hand diamond finds. Depop, the re-selling platform, has a range of pre-loved Y2K sunnies, micro skirts, and sheer camis to peruse. Sellers like ShopMazzz, Kara Kora, and ViviensVintage have some serious floaty cami game, with lingerie designer corsets and satin slips the perfect addition to a mini denim skirt and a pair of biker boots. The camis can even play into the dress-over-trousers trend, with the sheer bodice adding a sexy injection for the festival season.


Botanical core has been hard launched in preparation for the sunny months. Loewe and models around the world have become obsessed with the flower top, which is a full 3D bud plastered across the chest and tied with ribbons. Tyler McGillivary created their own iteration with hand-painted petals and laser-cut silhouettes, corseted at the back with satin ribbon. It’s all about some sort of exaggerated size when it comes to your flower interpretation, and McGillivary is the go-to brand for all your floral-related needs. Cacti? Venus fly traps? Pansies? They have got you. Butterflies and poisonous frogs have also been worked into designs on one-shoulder dresses and super mini skirts. A conservatory of budding fest fits, add some mini shorts and a messy updo and it’s high fashion with minimum upkeep. Florals for summer are a staple for a reason, just make sure to do it in some original manner this festival season. 

On another planet

In the mood for a summer that is just out of this world? Dress for an alien takeover with Poppy Lissiman’s extraterrestrial accessories. The whole doom and gloom take on futuristic fashion is so been-there-done-that, and luckily Lissiman agrees and designs for an optimistic future instead. Perfect for the festival season, this exaggerated alien eyewear is sure to block the sun from missing your favourite performances and catch some admiring stares whilst doing so. Chunky wraparound visors in a range of bright colours are sure to be the ultimate addition to your fit, especially the Cherloi, Rossi Speedway, and chunky Quaid designs. Aliens are well known for their love of utility bags too (maybe not, but you can be whatever other-worldly creature you desire), so just top it off with one of Lissiman’s multi-pocketed Bobby Bag or Adventure Waist Bags. As futurism meets techno, you can also channel your musical tastes into your fashion with some throwback items from Depop. Independent designer ByeAnna makes one-off bags and jumpers that are the perfect out-of-this-world accessory to seller AttaGirl’s wraparound sunnies and silver iridescent skirt collections.

Sporty Remix

Being comfy and ready for action are two of the main factors when it comes to festival dressing, and streetwear combines both. This year, it’s time to remix the sporty spice look by taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s, you know, some retro sneakers and oversized dad-style sweat shorts. The reworked vintage jersey is making its way through the festival sphere, with traditional football team shirts being paired with summer staples like shorts and skirts. Smaller brands like Places & Faces are having their time in the spotlight, with Depop sellers like BensBits and SouthStreetRetro cultivating items like varsity jackets and cross-body bags that are festival-ready. Inspiration can also be taken from the likes of Ben Affleck’s new film Air, with wraparound visor sunnies and some crazy 80’s colour palettes giving dad cool a whole new meaning. This season, it’s all about the upcycled items, so keep your eyes out for some reworked or patchwork jerseys to stand out from the crowd.

Interplanetary glam

Following on from alien-inspired accessories, this trend can be translated into your beauty looks with face stickers and eye design transfers. The twin DJ founders of Simihaze Beauty are well-versed in the festival sphere and created a brand based on the duality of both night and day. Most notably, their easy peel-and-stick eye designs are the perfect quick glam for those days when the music takes all your attention and you need a bit of quick glitz. The Eye Play Astral pack, which is the latest iteration of their cult face gems, is especially on-trend with their intergalactic inspirations. The pack includes three eye sticker cards in Comet, Constellation, and Cosmos. No glue or mess, it’s a stick-and-go situation and can be paired with some extraterrestrial accessories for the ultimate alien get-up!

Refreshing dressing

Festivals are all about sun, fun, and most importantly, booze. So why not dress like your favourite drink? Fruit patterns are everywhere right now, and with an injection of the spicy chilli adorning clothing patterns, it is all about garnish wear. So whether it is lemon drop, tonic and lime, or spicy Margherita you prefer to sip on, this season is aiming to dress like you’re about to refresh over your fave bev. House of Sunny has given us some of the hottest ways to dress according to your preferred drink, including a mesh Casa Chilli mini frill shirt and men’s oversized cream shirt with chilli patterning. You could even mix and match with your significant other, making a fruit cocktail of lime bikinis and lemon shirts from the brand. Alternatively, brand Les Miss have dropped their super sweet collection named ‘Feeling Fruity’, which was inspired by founder Leah Gans’ love for vintage fruit prints and botanical posters. This cocktail sees bright oranges, luscious kiwis, big blueberries and juicy cherries splayed across white baby tees and skirts, with a mix of vintage fruit salad prints donning two-pieces and dainty mini dresses. With all these refreshing summer options, the only question left is: how will you be taking your cocktail?

WriterElla Chadwick
Banner Image CreditSimihaze Beauty