From bedazzled tracksuits to durags, here are David Beckham’s most iconic 00s outfits

Following the release of 'Beckham' the internet just can't get enough of the former footballer's flamboyant style.

Ever since the Beckham documentary dropped on Netflix last week, it’s been the talk of the town. Who knew there was so much drama behind the scenes in the football world!? Or the fact that David Beckham’s hairstyles were cause of such concern? It’s safe to say we learned a lot about the former Manchester United star and enjoyed every second of the intimate glimpse into his whirlwind life alongside Victoria.

But the biggest takeaway from the hit doc, for me at least, was a much-needed reminder that David Beckham is nothing short of a style icon. Forget all the football: as the documentary made crystal clear, Beckham’s brand was very much made off the pitch – and fashion played a key part in the world’s fascination with him from day dot. So, we’ve rounded up David’s most iconic outfits from over the 00’s for an extra dose of nostalgia – and perhaps a little outfit inspo too. You’re welcome.

The Durag (2000)

There’s a lot to take in here. This is the Party in the Park in 2000, which ushered in the new millennium with a display of the future of pop music. The nation was naturally on a high, and the futuristic vibe extended to the backstage gear. Greeting the future King Charles III wearing not just no sleeves but an actual durag. Probably wouldn’t do it now, mind.

The humble beanie (2002)

Here Becks embraced the American skater look with a pair of extremely baggy jeans (I wonder if he could still take a free kick in those?), an oversized white tee, a knitted aqua and white beanie topped off with a cast on his right arm that somehow ties the fit all together.

Leopard Print (2003)

A leopard print shirt and velvet pants; what a timeless combo. Not much else to be said; the look speaks for itself.

All in white (2003)

Nothing screams early noughties more than David Beckham suited and booted in all white like a lost member of The Backstreet Boys while adorning a pair of diamond-encrusted chains at the MTV Movie Awards.

The Matrix (2000)

To celebrate the end of the year in which Neo sorted out artificial intelligence once and for all, the Beckhams matched up in leathers for a New Year’s Eve do in Manchester. And little did they know that 25 years later Matrix vibes would be back again.

NYC Tracksuit (2002)

Another look from Beckham’s trip across the pond to New York in 2002, the star donned a baggy tracksuit rounded off with a pair of fresh white Adidas Superstars, embracing the signature looks of the Big Apple’s rap stars at the time like Jay Z and Nas.

The Met Gala (2008)

A moment less notable for what Beckham’s wearing than where he’s wearing it. A year after moving to LA Galaxy and becoming not just one of the best sportsmen in Europe, but one of the most famous sportsmen in the world, heading to the Met Gala was a signal that the Beckhams had really arrived in American pop culture. 

Bedazzled (2002)

Is there anything more David Beckham than a bedazzled all white tracksuit? Probably not. Worn at the opening ceremony of the 2002 Commonwealth Games, this eye-catching look wouldn’t be out of place in a TikTok Y2K girlie’s wardrobe today.

The Matrix: Reloaded (2001)

It seems Beckham may be quite the fan of Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s sci-fi classic, as only a year later he turns up in another Matrix inspired fit, this time rocking a floor-length leather trench. 

WriterChris Saunders