Fake flowers and Dolly Parton: The art of kitsch

Growing as a young gay boy in Wyoming, Scotty Gunderson sought an escape from the oppressive masculinity he was surrounded by in everyday life.

Creating a fantasy world full of spectacle, performance and play, his younger years cultivated the vision for the surreal, kitsch images he now produces as a Creative Director.

“My aesthetic is inspired by Dolly Parton, velvet, mannequins, wigs, fake flowers, plastic toys, and cheap things from a gas station” says Scotty. Collaborating with photographers including Ken Friberg and Dylan Nelson, Scotty’s cheeky, vibrant visuals are familiar on Instagram for their juxtaposition of camp Americana, junk food and tacky trinkets. “I’m interested in creating images and stories that disrupt the banal and invent bizarre moments of discomfort and humour.”

Discover Scotty’s imagery below, and follow @boyneon on Instagram for more inspiration.

All imagesScotty Gunderson
WordsFiona Mahon