Ezra Miller pleads guilty in burglary case – but will this really mark the end for ‘The Flash’?

The actor previously pledged to turn his life around following a number of legal woes in the previous year.

Controversial actor Ezra Miller has agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of unlawful trespassing in a Vermont burglary case, with two other charges against the actor being dropped, as reported by NBC News.

The Flash star is reported to have entered a plea deal after being accused of stealing several bottles of alcohol from the pantry of a neighbour last May. Miller was then charged with burglary in August. 

According to a police report, authorities discovered that bottles were missing from the homeowner’s residence. After collecting statements and reviewing surveillance footage, police found probable cause to charge Miller with felony burglary. Miller had previously pleaded not guilty to the charges, appearing virtually in court with their lawyer in October.

A clerk for Vermont Superior Court confirmed that the parties have agreed to drop two charges, one of petit larceny and another of burglary in an unoccupied dwelling. Court documents indicate that prosecutors are recommending that Miller face 89 to 90 days in a suspended sentence, in addition to a year’s probation and a $500 fine. The maximum sentence would have been 26 years.

The Vermont charges are only one group of a series of controversies and legal issues that Miller has faced in the past year. The actor was twice arrested in Hawaii, first for disorderly conduct and harassment and then for second-degree assault. Miller has also previously been accused of choking a woman in an Icelandic bar. Last August, Miller apologised for their behaviour and stated that they would be undergoing mental health treatment. 

Despite Miller’s ever-growing troubles, Warner Bros. Discovery never revealed plans to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash. The plan was to continue pushing ahead without any casting changes being made to the film, as production was already completed. Considering Warner Bros. Discovery are in cost-cutting mode, it was never likely that they’d pay to bring in a replacement and do extensive reshoots.

Recently, a report from Variety claimed that various Warner Bros. executives are “amenable to continuing with the actor” after The Flash. And with James Gunn’s DCU seemingly set for a reboot of some kind, that may rule out Miller’s Flash as the version they continue with in the franchise. As we’ve seen with Henry Cavill being dropped as Superman, Gunn has no issue with replacing the universe’s biggest stars. If they are casting new actors for the next Justice League, it won’t make sense for Miller to return after The Flash movie. Even if The Flash does great at the box office, Gunn has indicated that a reset is something fans should expect. And, of course, with Ezra pleading guilty to the aforementioned charges, this could be the final nail in the coffin for the actor.

WriterChris Saunders
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