Charli XCX to make acting debut in remake of controversial ‘78 horror film

Alongside Barbie Ferreira and Darce Montgomery, the pop star will feature in one of the most controversially iconic horror films to ever see the light of day.

Everyone’s favourite pop princess Charli XCX is making her way to the big screen to star in the cult horror remake of Faces of Death, originally released in 1978. This past weekend, the star performed at Coachella’s main stage to crowds of fans, but later wrote on her Instagram “R.I.P main pop girl, I buried her alive.” 

The British artist will star alongside Barbie Ferreira who recently left Euphoria and Darce Montgomery, best known for playing Billy on Stranger Things. It is currently in production in New Orleans under the direction of Daniel Goldhaber who recently released How To Blow Up A Pipeline in 2022, and Cam in 2018. With the latter a psychological horror set in the world of webcam pornography, it would seem Charli is in good hands.

The original ‘78 was a mockumentary mondo-style movie, where pathologist Francis B. Gröss presented a number of horrible ways to die. It received a slew of stunned reviews from critics for the graphic scenes but was hailed as the go-to for horror fans. It is often billed as ‘Banned in 46 countries’, with the UK adding it to the ‘Video Nasty’ list as it was seen to violate the Obscene Publications Act ‘59. 

Nevertheless, the filmmaking duo Daniel Goldhaber and Isa Mazzei will be making this modern-day version. In a statement to the press, the pair said that “Faces of Death was one of the first viral video tapes and we are so lucky to be able to use it as a jumping-off point for this exploration of cycles of violence and the way they perpetuate themselves online.”

Miss XCX is entering Hollywood with a bang it would seem, also working with Jack Antanoff to write and produce the music for A24’s Mother Mary. So what will her fate hold in Faces of Death

WriterElla Chadwick
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