‘Beige flags’ are going viral on TikTok, but what exactly is this new dating trend?

TikTok users are sharing their partner's quirks and dubbing them a ‘beige flag’.

TikTok strikes again with an elusive new trend. This time around, however, the trend is actually kind of positive. Users are speaking out about their partner’s mega niche ‘beige flags’, prompting us to ask ourselves – what is a beige flag? And how could this be a good thing for the dating scene?

A beige flag, as explained in Urban Dictionary, is “Something that’s neither good nor bad but makes you pause for a minute when you notice it and then you just continue on. Something odd.” One user shared how her boyfriend’s beige flag is that “He doesn’t put his phone on silent mode throughout the night because he is scared it means his morning alarm won’t go off.”

We all know what a red flag is by now, which is a bad sign of what’s to come in your relationship. A green flag is the glaringly obvious positive about your partner, so it makes sense that the beige flag is the in-between territory that sometimes we just can’t explain. It’s sort of like a quirk or random act that is actually rather endearing.

Another said his girlfriend’s beige flag is that “when she is hungry and I’m not she will literally starve herself and won’t let me buy her food unless I get food too because for some reason she feels bad eating in front of me alone even if I’m not hungry.” The videos themselves are racking up millions of likes, with comments sharing their same experiences. One video, with 10.7 million views and counting, sees a user describe her boyfriend that “keeps his underwear with holes so he can surprise me by walking out and tearing them off leaving only the waistband. He calls it the ‘grand reveal’ and it happens when I least expect it.”

WriterElla Chadwick
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