Banksy unveils new artwork highlighting domestic violence — just in time for Valentine’s Day

The work depicts a woman with visible bruises and a missing tooth.

A new piece, from anonymous graffiti artist Banksy, has been unveiled this morning at Grosvenor Place in Margate, Kent.

Making use of real-life surroundings, Banksy has incorporated an abandoned freezer into his latest piece titled ‘Valentine’s Day Mascara’ which he revealed to the world through a social media post this morning (Tuesday 14th of Feb 2023).

Releasing this piece on valentine’s Day is particularly prominent due to its subject matter. The graffiti artist, who is renowned for tackling difficult political and social issues in his work, has chosen to portray a scene of domestic violence in his latest piece.

The work depicts a woman with a bruised face and missing tooth pushing what appears to be her husband into the abandoned freezer. Banksy’s raw depiction of such a traditionally taboo issue has sparked a wide range of reactions. 

The comment section under Banksy’s official Instagram post has comments varying from messages of praise that “the master is back with a powerful message” and the piece is “well executed as always” to debates over whether “killing a man” is ever right?

This piece comes after Banksy released a behind-the-scenes documentary last year, following his seven recent artworks for Ukraine. 

Helplines for anyone affected by issues raised:

Domestic Violence Assist – 0800 195 8699

National Centre for Domestic Violence – 0800 970 2070

Victim Support – 0808 168 9 111

WriterEmilia Macleod