American Psychocore is taking over Paris Fashion Week

Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo was seen donning a Patrick Bateman-esque getup, complete with a blood-spattered face for Louis-Gabriel Nouchi's AW23 collection.

There aren’t many novels that have embedded themselves in pop culture quite like American Psycho. Bret Easton Ellis’ cult classic – which was famously adapted for the silver screen in 1994 – has transcended generations, arguably becoming more popular than ever in recent years with Patrick Batemen becoming a manosphere icon. However, no one was ever really looking to Bateman’s aesthetic for style tips in the modern world – until now.

Louis-Gabriel Nouchi recently tapped actor Lucas Bravo – who plays the title character’s sous chef beau in Emily in Paris – for his AW23 collection at Paris Fashion Week, and the star went full-on American Psychocore. The actor strolled down the runway in murderous fashion in a striking floor-length coat, complete with slicked black hair and blood splattered across his face. With a maniacal look in his eyes, the actor looked as though he was possessed by Bateman himself.

The look wasn’t just a one-off, with over standout pieces including see-through tees channelling the splash-proof coat Bateman wears to murder Paul Allen making an appearance. Meanwhile, models were seen clutching ominous axe and chainsaw handbags. Nouchi explained that his collection set out to explore the underlying drive for perfection that motivated Bateman’s outlandishly violent tendencies.

“As always with my collections, it’s about dismantling toxic masculinity,” he said following the show. “He had to have the perfect body, the perfect life, he was obsessed with killing – he hated women, homosexuals, people with different bodies. And that’s completely the opposite to what we do.”


WriterChris Saunders
Banner Image CreditInstagram / Chester McKee