Adam Ali stars in powerful short film ‘The Call,’ launching Switchboard LGBT+’s first free helpline

“I want people to understand that there is hope and help out there,” says Jordan Rossi, the film's writer and director.

Waterloo Road star Adam Ali features in a dramatic and touching short film, The Call, raising awareness around the issues the queer community face in today’s society – and Switchboard LGBT+’s new national free helpline.

The film – written and directed by Rankin Creative’s Jordan Rossi – sees Ali portray Amir, a troubled prospective university student struggling with their sexuality. Amir finds comfort through their calls with Switchboard, embarking on a journey of self-acceptance.

Speaking on the project, Rossi tells HUNGER what he hopes viewers take away from The Call: “I want people to understand that there is hope and help out there,” he says. “It often doesn’t seem like it, especially with the rise of LGBTQ+ hate crimes and anti-trans rhetoric in the media, but places like Switchboard are there to be a safe space – and safe spaces don’t always need to be physical.”

“What I really want people to take away from this film is that it doesn’t just have to be an LGBTQ+ story. This is a story about empathy and understanding, which we need much more of in the world.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie Fuller, Switchboard LGBT+’s chief executive, said in a statement: “This was a rare opportunity for us to bring out the emotion in what our listening volunteers deal with every day.”

Switchboard LGBT+ has been operating since 1974, and the move to a free helpline will ensure that members of the queer community will have access to support 364 days a year, from 10am – 10pm. The helpline can be reached at 0800 0119 100.

WriterChris Saunders