Timothée Chalamet dissects fame in Martin Scorsese’s Bleu de Chanel campaign film

The film marks the first time the two stars have ever collaborated.

Remember earlier this year when paparazzi shots of Timothée Chalamet and Martin Scorsese filming a campaign for Chanel came out and the internet went wild? Well, after waiting patiently, the moment has finally arrived.

Surprisingly, this will be the first time Chalamet and the legendary filmmaker have worked together on a project – although, we hope it won’t be the last. Set against the backdrop of New York City, the film explores the complex relationship that exists between an actor and the celebrity culture attached to their craft. 

“The world has changed,” says Martin Scorsese in a press release. “There’s another aspect to celebrity in a way. Which is even more extreme than ten or 15 years ago.” 

Subsequently, Chalamet has been cast to play a dissatisfied version of himself, the audience viewing a day in his life on the set of a talk show, as he searches for glimmers of authenticity in a world of artifice. Meanwhile, Bottoms star Havana Liu Rose also appears in the film.

Soundtracked by Herbie Hancock’s 1983 hit Rockit, Scorsese has chosen to capture Chalamet in black and white, symbolic of the character’s inner conflict. Flashes of electric blue in the windows of a subway, or on movie screens, provide stolen glimpses of his true self. 

“So when you’re inside a role do you destroy who you are?” asks the talk show host. “No, no, you reach into yourself, you find yourself,” replies Chalamet. “And only after that are you free to be who you really are.”

​​Olivier Polge, head perfumer at Chanel, describes how the themes of Bleu de Chanel seamlessly tie in with the message of the campaign video. “Bleu de Chanel has just the right amount of conviction and intensity to represent a man who refuses to be typecast,” he says. “A man who dismisses facades and who is not afraid to let vulnerability show through his tough, disarming exterior”’

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