Cult A24 horror ‘Saint Maud’ is hitting the stage

The 2019 film is getting a stage adaptation from Live Theatre in Newcastle.

Still recovering from watching Saint Maud? We wouldn’t blame you. Rose Glass’ feature directorial debut, which follows a devoutly religious nurse who goes to increasingly extreme lengths to save the soul of her patient, is terrifying, full to the brim with gut-wrenching sequences of nails being plunged into the soles of feet and self-immolation… Still, there’s no time to dwell, and that’s because Saint Maud is getting its very own stage adaption.

Yesterday it was announced that Live Theatre in Newcastle is taking the spine-tingling film and putting it on stage. It’s being adapted by Jessica Andrews, the author of Milk Teeth and Saltwater, and it’s going to be accompanied by a score by Gazelle Twin, the electronic music producer that also just did the soundtrack for Nocturne, the Sydney Sweeney-led supernatural horror. Basically, this is their forte: “My work is often centred on the body, and it is so enriching for me to think about this within the context of Saint Maud, and the physical staging of a play,” Andrews told The Guardian.

If a play that’s described itself as “theatre at its most atmospheric and intense” isn’t something you see fancy right this second, you’re in luck: the adaption of Saint Maud isn’t hitting the stage until the 10th of October. Plenty of time to unpack the original film in therapy.

If, on the other hand, you’re gagging for more body-horror scares, that might take the form of Rose Glass’ second cinematic offering, Love Lies Bleeding. Following the tumultuous relationship between a gym manager (Kristen Stewart) and a bodybuilder (Katy M. O’Brian), early reviews have already called it “unapologetically gruesome”.


WriterAmber Rawlings
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