‘Blood Sweat And Tears’: Meet the photographer capturing the hard graft of the queer creative community

Photographer Jody Evans showcases 20 queer creatives at their workplaces, studios and homes in their debut published book and solo exhibition.

We’ve all likely claimed to have put our blood, sweat and tears into something throughout our lives, putting in countless hours, days, weeks, months and even years into something we’re so desperately trying to achieve/produce. And here in the UK, the idea of grafting and putting a shift in is something of a cultural staple – for better or worse, it’s expected of you to put the hard work in. 

This idea of a hard day’s graft is exactly where photographer Jody Evans found the inspiration for their first-ever published book and solo exhibition, aptly titled Blood Sweat And Tears. “My dad’s a builder and he would always say ‘a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this” Evans says of the title. “I had a lot of different titles in mind but I was looking at a lot of sayings my family would say and people in the countryside.”

The book, which Evans began shooting for in 2022, features 20 queer individuals in their workplaces, studio and homes, but began with the photographer profiling their friends and creatives before it evolved. “I wanted to make it about queer people in any workplace, or side hustles, who are trying to fund their creative endeavours” they explain. Meanwhile, it was equally as important for Evans to showcase the less glamorous sides of being a creative. “On social media, you see a lot of the highlight reel, and the finished product, so I wanted to shine a light on these people who are working three jobs at a time that they hate just so they can live and make some art.”

“Community and love between friendships is a big part of the book and exhibition, which is what I want people to take from this.”

Scroll below for an exclusive sneak peek at Foster’s Blood Sweat And Tears.

Jody Evans’ Blood Sweat And Tears will launch at the Photo Book Cafe, Shoreditch, tonight (March 28th) 6-9pm. Tickets are free and available here.

PhotographerJody Evans
WriterChris Saunders