See the ROH’s ballet ‘The Cellist’ evolve from rehearsals to the stage…

HUNGER's Mark Field goes behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed ballet.

Tonight will see the return The Cellist at the Royal Opera House (ROH), which opened to critical acclaim back in 2020. The poignant and tragic ballet is inspired by the emotional memoir of cellist Jacqueline du Pré’s life, which was tragically cut short by multiple sclerosis. Luckily, thanks to our photographer on the ground, Mark Field, we got some BTS access to watch the performance develop from the rehearsal room to the iconic stage of the ROH. Scroll below and witness the evolution for yourself.

PhotographerMark Field
ArtistsLauren Cuthbertson, Jacqueline du Pré, Marcelino Sambé, Matthew Ball, Daniel Barenboim