Nicholas Galitzine

After breakout roles in Red, White & Royal Blue and Bottoms, Britain’s rising star, Nicholas Galitzine turns his eye on the next stage of his career. Read an excerpt of the interview below...

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Nicholas Galitzine has spent the past few years playing different versions of the perfect boyfriend. He’s often a prince. Occasionally the high school quarterback or a US Marine. For one of his latest roles, he’s a boy band heartthrob. In a movie landscape where male actors are being implored to star in romcoms and help revitalise a flagging genre, Galitzine has got you covered; his biggest roles have all been romantic leads straight out of a storybook (or Wattpad).

This, he explains, is intentional. “My response to that is complex,” he says. “Some of my roles might seem quite archetypical on the surface but I try to add something unusual. Jeff [in Bottoms] is the high school quarterback but he’s also a human pile of trash. Henry from Red, White & Royal Blue is royal, yes, but he’s also paralysed by his own fear of not being loved. It’s really all about finding a character regardless of archetype that you feel you can bring to life.” 

The unfailingly polite Galitzine, London born and bred, has been acting for a decade now, cutting his teeth on coming-of-age indie dramas like Handsome Devil and High Strung. His star has started to rise in the 2020s where he’s become a go-to leading man for the streaming age; playing Camila Cabello’s prince in the musical Cinderella rehash and a conservative Marine to Sofia Carson’s liberal singer-songwriter in Purple Hearts. But it’s clear that Galitzine has an eye on more, uh, cerebral roles. He’s been able to play teens and twenty-somethings for a decade now but Galitzine – though you wouldn’t guess it – turns 30 in September. “I feel like all of these incredible leading men roles start to trickle through in your thirties,” he says. “And I’m not quite coming of age anymore.”

And because he’s not quite coming of age anymore, Galitzine admits that he’s at a “funny time” in his career. He was one of many actors whose career breakthrough fell during last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike. Both of his projects during that time – the fujoshi-pleasing gay romance Red, White & Royal Blue and the instant cult favourite Bottoms – did gangbusters online and Galitzine’s profile and online following skyrocketed. How did he feel having to stay silent during such an important career tipping point? “Obviously, my absence from the industry, as well as everyone else who was on strike, felt like a just cause, so that took some of the pain out of it,” he says, a touch diplomatically. “But it is difficult because you spend months on a project and building a character, and I felt they were great moments for me in different ways.”

Read the full story in HUNGER Issue 30 Where’s Your Head At? Purchase, here

WriterPatrick Sproull