Liam Gallagher and John Squire

As two of Manchester’s most famous musical sons join forces, HUNGER sits down with Liam Gallagher and John Squire to discuss their new album, tasselled moccasins and tricky former bands. Read an excerpt of the interview below...

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“I love Bowie, but I’m not wearing a pair of fucking knickers on stage and fucking jumpsuits and painting one of my eyes with a red fucking star!” Liam Gallagher is one minute 45 seconds into the interview and the profanities that he’s infamous for are in full flow. “That was for a different time. I just want to get on stage in my fucking cagoule, my jeans and me trainers, I don’t want to be having costume changes.”

We’re talking about acceptable on-stage attire as part of a chat about Gallagher’s new project with The Stone Roses guitarist and fellow Manchester alumni John Squire; a ten-track self-titled album of blues meets Britpop meets The Beatles that the pair released earlier this month, and the accompanying tour which reportedly sold out in 30 seconds. Gallagher is understandably excited to be collaborating with one of his musical heroes. “Stone Roses were the band for me, still are, when I heard the first album and then saw them in Manchester, it just made me sort of realise who I was, even though I was still 16,” says the former Oasis front man. “Me Mam and Dad had split, it was fucking shit, so listening to The Roses just put a spring in my step and Manchester didn’t seem so gloomy.” Gallagher credits the long, five-year wait for a second Stone Roses album to materialise as “the reason we started Oasis, I’d quite happily fucking followed them around, but they were taking ages, so we were like ‘shall we just do it ourselves?’”

At the time, Gallagher listened to Stone Roses interviews and put together a record collection based on what had influenced Squire and frontman Ian Brown, but what sealed the deal was the idea of wearing that cagoule on stage. “I realised that you don’t have to have hair like the geezer out of The Cure or wear all black clothes to be in a band, The Roses were dressed kind of the way me and my older brothers were dressed, so, I thought I can do this band stuff,” he recalls. “I just didn’t wanna be walking outside in a leather jacket and fucking cowboy boots and thinking I’m in The Clash.”

Now, Gallagher gets to be in a band with the man who gave his cagoule-wearing the green card. In fact, it appears both men are still experts in the outerwear staple, during the HUNGER shoot, they personally pick out the parker-style jackets that best suit them, while making sure that they complement the other’s look. There’s mutual respect there and similarities in personality that aren’t immediately apparent. While Gallagher answers questions with a quick and brazen honesty, Squire is calm and considered, but neither minces their words. Gallagher’s humour centres around clever quips filled with expletives and wild comparisons, while Squire’s comedy timing is a silent assassin. On set they’re equally likeable, Gallagher for his awe-inducing omnipotent presence, while Squire has a warmth that makes the whole team fall in love with him. Gallagher sum’s up their charm: “Squire’s a dude and I’m a dude.”

Read the full story in HUNGER Issue 30 Where’s Your Head At? Purchase, here

WriterDevinder Bains